Learn how to improve efficiency with RFID October 18th, 2018

Learn how to improve efficiency with RFID

Files, folders, records, charts, books, photos, tapes, CDs and DVDs, evidentiary exhibits – in many industries, some form of physical media is central to the process of doing business. Information is gathered, retrieved, referenced, filed and moved from location to location for various types of processing. Some of these physical records, such as legal evidence, financial records or medical charts, must be carefully tracked to meet chain of custody or privacy requirements. Temporarily misplaced assets can be a serious problem, wasting hours of staff time and productivity. Even more serious is the liability exposure your organization could face should a critical file be stolen, tampered with or lost. When “good filing” and trust-based check-out systems aren’t enough, RFID offers a practical, affordable answer.

What are the key benefits of an RFID file tracking solution?

An RFID file tracking solution automates the process of file tracking, providing fast inventory and location, rules-based access control and full cost-effective compliance reporting. With RFID, you can virtually eliminate lost files, have a fast record retrieval, audit and fully document access and chain of custody, and improve productivity for every member of your staff who handles critical files. Using RFID technology, you can fully automate the tracking and locating of physical files and documents, including authorizing access, recording check-in/check-out, providing inventory counts and all associated reporting. Automation with virtually 100% accuracy means that the cooperation of the people using your files is no longer an issue. If a tagged document comes within range of a reader, its data will be captured, meaning that there are fewer inventory errors. In addition, integration with related business systems, such as inspection and maintenance applications, improves return on investmentfor existing technology investments

Looking for recommendations?

Zebra helps organizations gain increased visibility of their key business processes through automation, offering an innovative portfolio of RFID solutions for inventory, tracking and asset management applications. Click here to learn how Zebra applies RFID in various cases for file tracking. Contact BlueStar today to learn how you can get your own Zebra RFID Readers.


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