Learn how data protection in universities starts with secure ID printing solutions October 18th, 2018

Learn how data protection in universities starts with secure ID printing solutions
Universities possess personal information of thousands of students and faculty, all of which are collected and printed into individual ID cards.

These ID badges provide them access to a myriad of services and applications, from physical facility and logical network access to cashless payment and tracking time and attendance, thus the badges must be secure. Especially in today’s data breach-sensitive environment, universities cannot risk the release of any personal information.

A first step to protect personal data is by selecting a secure ID card printing solution. In order to choose the right ID printing solution thought, you should start by determining the level of security your institution requires.

But how do you determine the level of security needed by your institution?

First start by assessing your risks. What would happen if unauthorized parties gained access to private areas of your institution, or to private personal information? The answer to this question may call for robust credentials that cannot be duplicated.

Next, take into account hardware security. Printing solutions vary from standard or custom holographic overlaminates to smart chips and visual security features. Which of these options best meets your needs?

Another aspect to keep in mind is flexibility. Will your security needs change over time as your university grows? Then selecting a hardware that supports a broad range of credential security might be the right choice.

Keeping in mind the security of the card printer itself is one more consideration that should not be overlooked. Restricting access to the printers prevents cards to be printed with sensitive information on them and prevents material to be accessible to potential counterfeiters.

Lastly, consider the need of electronic security. Assess whether the printers need to be controlled via personal identification numbers, in order to ensure system privacy.


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