LCD screens make all the difference in mobile printing November 9th, 2018

LCD screens make all the difference in mobile printing

LCD and LED screens are always a handy feature to have when using any printing device, especially a mobile one where you are inevitably disconnected from a stationary computer or laptop. They make diagnosing and solving printer errors far simpler than if you had a screen-less device. Mobile printers require these screens in order to monitor and project the connectivity level and printer status, without the use of a desktop computer. When printing on the spot, these screens can prevent potential problems by depicting the issue, so the user can immediately address it.

Apart from these LCD screens, mobile printers should have the ability to print on demand fast and versatile models, and at the same time retain user-friendly features, such as quick change, no-jam, and drop-in media loading.

Citizen Systems Europe’s new printers meet these high standards

Citizen Systems Europe has launched a new four-inch label, receipt and ticket printer. The CMP-40L label and receipt printer has the ability to print 4-inch wide media at 3-inches per second. The printer user can monitor the connectivity level and printer status on a clear LCD Screen; it does not have to be monitored from a stationary desktop computer or laptop, and can easily be accessed from a range of iOS, Android and Windows devices.

The CMP-25L prints labels up to 2-inches wide at 5-inches per second. The integral LCD display is designed to allow the user to quickly set up the printer as well as easily see the printer’s status and, if needed, make quick changes to the configuration. Although the CMP-25L has a battery life of up to 48 hours from a single charge – the printer’s recharge status is also indicated on the screen to ensure you never run out a power half way through a task.

Both the CMP-40L and CMP-25L are ideal for printing on the go as they are both designed to be durable and robust. With IP ratings of 54 and 42 respectively both printers can survive drops of 1.5 metres. Furthermore, each printer is encased in heavy duty plastic with impact resistant edge mouldings.

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