Is there a future for loyalty? March 25th, 2019

Is there a future for loyalty?


The way that we shop is changing and consumers simply do not want to have a purse or wallet full of loyalty cards anymore. Customer loyalty needs to go beyond having a points-based scheme, it needs to have the customer front and centre. In a world where 85% of us have a smartphone, the whole concept of swiping a card at the till is dated and loyalty apps are becoming ever more prevalent.

2D barcoding shows the way for mobile loyalty

With push notifications for offers and instore way finding, loyalty apps have huge potential to enhance the instore experience for customers. As the number of customers with loyalty apps, coupons or e-receipts on their phone increases, another potential issue comes rising to the surface. In order for loyalty data to be captured, a customer needs to hand their loyalty ID to the checkout assistant, so the customer’s unique identifier or barcode can be scanned. Now this wasn’t a problem when all we were handing over was a piece of plastic or a paper coupon, but there is a genuine anxiety about handing over our smartphones. More and more companies are asking for advice on this issue and we have the answer.

Following the example of one of the UK’s leading pet retailers

The retailer has two scanners located at each of its checkouts. Firstly, a compact scan engine integrated just under the pin entry device (PED) for customer facing scanning of either the loyalty card or its electronic version on a smartphone. Meanwhile, the checkout operators use a cordless

scanner at the POS. Having two scanners greatly speeds up the process as loyalty cards can be scanned concurrently alongside items in the customer’s trolley or basket. This greatly improves the customer journey and increases checkout productivity, avoiding valuable time being lost whilst a customer locates their card or loads up their app.

Datalogic offers the ultimate scanner solution

Datalogic’s own point of sale barcode scanners and mobile computers are a vital enabler to not only capturing customer data but also providing enhanced levels of service and diverse experiences that will encourage customers to come back time and time again. You can visit BlueStar Europe to learn more about Datalogic solutions, or contact directly Filipe Neves for more information tailored on your needs.  

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