IoT: what to expect when we connect October 18th, 2018

IoT: what to expect when we connect
The internet changed the world; It touches all aspects of our lives. It allows us to connect on social media, video chat with friends and colleagues and even read this blog right now.

Now, there is a push to connect every device to the internet. While this provides new functionality and convenience, there are also some potential concerns to consider along with the benefits.

BlueStar has a deep presence in the IoT market, which represent an opportunity not to be missed for the reseller community.


The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the ability to connect anything to the internet. This connectivity allows users to do more from more places. It gives us more information and increases efficiency.

Almost anything could be connected to the internet to provide some type of new function. Consumers would be able to alter the temperature in their home from anywhere in the world, or unlock their front door so the plumber can complete a repair.

Big Data

There is another aspect to this added convenience and function: Big Data. Everything that you or I do on the internet is tracked. This information is often used to market to us and sell advertising. This sounds innocent, but IoT brings additional potential for more of your life to be tracked.

For some, this is not a concern and they are willing to give up that data for the additional convenience. Others are worried that giving up this information is giving companies too much power and insight into our lives.


In addition to giving up information to companies that will want to use it for marketing, there is also a concern over the security of these devices. As with any technology, there is the potential to be hacked. Most people do not want that much information in anyone’s hands. Building up security around this data will be a major focal point to help consumers trust IoT.

Intranet of Things

There is also the intranet, which is a privately-owned network. Many companies use an intranet to ensure that only employees have access to sensitive information. Intranets are certainly worth considering, as there would be recurring revenue available for providing service to the intranet and helping users manage their data.

The internet is the single most used tool in most people’s lives today. However, we must turn our attention to how internet-created data is being used, then consider how IoT increases our exposure. Companies will want to be counselled through the process of adding function without putting themselves and their customers at risk. This is where resellers can begin to educate their clients, earn trust and sell services around IoT. BlueStar is well placed to provide access to IoT solutions through its dedicated vendor network.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.