Interactive kiosks for an optimal shopping experience March 25th, 2019

Interactive kiosks for an optimal shopping experience

Today's connected consumers have higher expectations than ever before. They want seamless and enjoyable experiences, and they want to choose how they research, shop, and fulfil their purchases. While the retail industry is witnessing the undeniable rise of digital channels, the physical stores remain at the heart of the shopping experience. Retailers are rethinking brick-and-mortar to offer more personalised experiences, provide a higher level of service and to be more flexible by incorporating digital experiences into the physical store.

Personalised experiences to help increases sales while engaging consumers at the point-of-decision are ideal and offer cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. That is why the use of interactive kiosks is the perfect way to present shoppers with product recommendations and related accessories that help increase revenues and profits. Easier integration with retail loyalty programs allows you to design personalised recommendations and provide your shoppers with accrued rewards points for their purchases.

Endless aisle creates endless opportunities

Providing shoppers with the option to order items that aren't carried in a particular store, or to order an out-of-stock item helps prevent dissatisfied customers from shopping elsewhere or walking out empty-handed. That's a missed opportunity you cannot afford. Interactive kiosks make it easy for consumers to order an item and choose to pick it up at a later date, or have it shipped to their home. Not only does your store save the sale, but you provide your shoppers with the convenience and flexibility they desire.

Knowledgeable service

Today's digitally-enabled consumers often research items online before making a purchase, and sometimes can become more knowledgeable than the store associates, which leads to frustration and dissatisfaction. Having interactive kiosks in your store you can provide detailed product information to shoppers, and to augment your associates' knowledge base and help make them instant experts to deliver superior service to all consumers.


Introducing the new interactive kiosk to cater your needs

The NCR SelfServ XK32 interactive kiosk is the perfect kiosk to provide your shoppers with all the aforementioned possibilities. It is a visual-engaging product that will grab your consumer’s attention and will help with a seemingly-elementary but critical aspect of the shopping experience. It is versatile with multiple peripheral choices and mounting options to best fit your business needs and the design of your physical space. Deploy it on a wall to conserve space or set it up as a two-sided standalone to take full advantage of its footprint. An all-in-one device, the XK32 supports receipt printers and 2D imagers. Click here to learn all about XK32.


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