Today’s transport and logistics fundamental role March 19th, 2020

Today’s transport and logistics fundamental role


Nowadays transport and logistics are playing a fundamental role in everyone’s life, facing a great challenge. More and more people are strongly recommended to stay home, so the demand for deliveries is increasing at a hectic pace. It is possible to optimize the various phases of transport and logistics, both critical to the overall efficiency of a business, with complete, high performance technological solutions, which track goods from the warehouse to delivery and return precise, timely information about the status of the process.

What are the needs of the players involved?

A Smart Warehouse needs to fill in order in an agile, dynamic fashion using personalized software and hardware, the ability to optimize warehouse management needs in real-time by speeding up receiving and picking, as well as filling orders and booking goods.

They need to optimize the mobility of goods, improve delivery times, and offer outstanding customer care with highly innovative solutions for fleet and delivery management, in order to guarantee uninterrupted connectivity, active process management, and total conformity with applicable regulations.

Mail & Couriers
Postal and Logistical operators have to acquire critical order tracking information, from collection to final delivery, and optimized delivery times with a device which uploads maps and acts as a satellite navigator. Warehouse operators require highly versatile and reliant equipment capable of working in a variety of conditions and in combination with accessories that make them fully usable even on the move.

How to Achieve This?
Custom is able to improve and speed up transport and logistics with integrated read&scan solutions which read all principal barcodes and are compatible with many types of printer, for on-demand printing on the move, using on-board NFC technology and data SIM cards.

Discover P-Ranger, with all the functionalities of a mobile computer and the convenience of a rugged smartphone; K-Ranger, the only model with 4G connectivity, made ideal when no Wi-Fi is available in large open spaces and distances. All the range of Custom’s Data Intelligence solutions that can help transport and logistics operators in delivering an outstanding service to their customers.

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