Improve efficiency at logistics centres with 3D mapping and voice navigation June 4th, 2019

Improve efficiency at logistics centres with 3D mapping and voice navigation

Large amounts of packages are received or shipped by logistics centres every day. The main issue with today’s ever-growing e-commerce is that warehouses need to try and fulfil their services. Especially when 1-day deliveries have become so popular. In conventional warehouses, the warehouse employees need to manually pick every item from the shelf and load it. They also need to try and organise their route around the warehouse to pick all items needed for the day. This can be unproductive, time wasting, and stressful. However, with the use of 3D mapping and voice navigation systems this can change your conventional warehouse into highly efficient logistic centres 

4 Issues that can be solved with 3D mapping and voice navigation systems. 

  • One of the most challenging aspects of the warehouse is to maintain accuracy. With the huge amount of inbound and outbound processes, a lot of inconsistency is created if the right path is not configured. Picking optimisation for warehouses can automate routes, reduce wear and tear on the equipment, and increase productivity. 
  • When it comes to inventory location, without sufficient perception into location, warehouse employees take longer to find the items needed to be shipped, which slows down the whole process and causes delay. This slows down operations, creating inefficiencies, and in turn increase costs. 3D mapping though will solve these issues in no time! 
  • Size doesn’t always matter. It doesn’t matter how much space you have in your warehouse but most importantly how you are utilizing the space you do have. When you optimise the space you have you can avoid unnecessary labour, place fast selling stock near the front of the warehouse, which in return will reduce time needed to get stock. 
  • Last but not least, meeting customer demands. It is not always easy keeping up with the demands of customers. With 3D mapping you can improve the order in what item is picked up, making sure that the orders that need to be sent out first can be without causing disruptions to the workflow.  

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