How to survive in a liquid market December 13th, 2019

How to survive in a liquid market

The retail market changes are a consequence of a liquid market, adjective from Bauman’s notion of “liquidity”, the new socio-cultural dynamic taking place in contemporary retail. The main target is to constantly keep improving the business but today the opportunities of development and cost maximisation in the retail world is the minimum to survive; the digital transformation is centred around the market and market-actors that jointly transform each other in fast forward mood.

The nonstop disruption taking place in the retail environment is challenging many of the norms of retailing, creating opportunities for all players and making transformation an imperative for incumbents. Retailers should stay ahead of the changes driving the marketplace in 2020. The most important way is to be updated through collective awareness, to share a real transferability of goals and solutions that already work. Only with a deep listening they can go ahead in innovation thanks to a specific strategy of bi-directional dialogue, creating innovations based on technology already working across different markets, fields, and countries, offering complete solutions for the automation of shops, retail hospitality as well as universal retail markets up to the most sophisticated fashion and luxury sectors. 2020 will likely require retailers to differentiate themselves in their investment strategy; the upcoming one to two years are unlikely to be a tide that lifts all boats.

Digital transformation, fiscal changes, big data and IoT are the keywords; but what works already and exists on the market? Which is the best way to start a digital approach?

The good news for the retail world and the industry are the possibility to have a deep dialogue offering 360° solutions; today Technological Partnerships are the key to open the doors for the future. From the suppliers of solutions to end users, the dialogue is the beginning of new offers draw on multiple, combined solutions sold in many different industries. In the retail market interconnection between front-end and back-office, and all the steps of the sales process are always important. That is why data gathering is the way to live and co-develop a fundamental role of the Digital Transformation process.

How to achieve that?

With Custom’s SILK, the fastest and the most compact ANDROID PC POS, with an innovative and refined design! It’s a new Android PC POS that offers Retail and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors high performances without compromising the design. The result is the immediate improvement in every step of sales and purchases through a 13.3’’ or 15.6’’ display, a handy customer display, and a refined base that meets the most complex needs of the modern and essential design. Custom cash point solutions are a point of reference on an international scale, offering a huge range of products for the automation of services to the public. Contact your BlueStar Europe representative to learn more about this unique solution!


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.