How to simply boost patient care with the use of a printer December 2th, 2019

How to simply boost patient care with the use of a printer

Hospitals are investing in barcode applications, both clinical and non-clinical, within the hospital setting. Healthcare barcodes have become the most optimal way of managing and tracking medical records, supplies, equipment, patient care, and internal logistics. Anything in a hospital which can be tagged or labeled can be barcoded — making barcode printers the most affordable, efficient, and accurate tool. 

The last thing that a doctor wants to do, in the middle of a consultation, is to call the IT department due of printing problems. Printers should remain unobtrusive and do their job reliably. This is essential in an office, but in a hospital, it is critical, as here, they do more than produce hard copies of memos and documents, impacting patient information management. 

Many hospitals now depend on reliable, effective, and accurate printers to produce barcode labels that contain relevant patient data, such as personal information like the patients’ identity, blood type, details of the ward they are in, and what operation they are waiting for. These labels are added to patient notes, or attached to blood sample tubes, for instance. 

Higher reliability means a reduction in downtime but most importantly for the medical environment, it allows doctors and nurses to spend more time doing their jobs rather than worrying about printer malfunctions. 

A daily issue for many hospitals is that the printers they have cannot cope with the volume. The failure to consider total volume, whether it is daily or monthly, may lead to the placement of a printer that is not capable of handling daily use. This can also create dissatisfied staff and lead to more maintenance calls. 

In order to make sure that these potential problems are avoided, Citizen Systems Europe recently developed a tailor-made package that boosts printer effectiveness, and consequently improvpatient care. Due to Citizen's reputation for reliability, its versatile CL-E720 and CL-S621 printers are the best printers for the healthcare industry. Contact BlueStar Europe to find out more information on how Citizen printers can improve your facility. 


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