How to revitalise your outbound workflows October 18th, 2018

How to revitalise your outbound workflows

All of your warehouse customers know that when it comes to outbound workflows, much like inbound workflows, it is vital to keep the flow of material on the dock fluid and moving.

Fail to do so and the shipping process stalls, shipments are delayed and customer service levels are impacted.

So how can you help your customers implement new solutions that will help them dispatch goods faster and keep to schedules?

Honeywell offers a connected solution for outbound processes including a mobile computer paired with a mobile printer and printer media.

Scanning outbound destination labels allows operators on the loading bay to communicate directly with the warehouse management system to ensure that all pallets for a given route/stop are loaded.

This eliminates costly extra routes that result from pallets being left behind. In addition, scanning the door and/or trailer upon entry to load the pallet ensures that each pallet is loaded onto the correct routes and stops. This eliminates extra transportation costs associated with wrongly loaded or delivered product.

Using a Honeywell connected solution incorporating RFID to track shipping containers, one customer cut replacement rates on their reusable shipping containers from 100% to just 20%, representing a huge cost savings in their shipping workflow.

And with a Honeywell printer, mobile workers can quickly reprint labels on demand. Plus, they can use the mobile computer’s camera to verify load condition, helping to eliminate costly damage claims.

When it comes to shipping, packing stations and pallet-build areas require speed and precision to complete and ship orders, especially given today’s 24 hour turn-around needs. Desk space must be optimised, and scanning technology must be responsive, accurate, and ergonomic to scan and label items quickly. Barcode scanners need to read a range of barcodes, including dirty and damaged barcodes and label printers need to print a high volume and multiple range of label sizes, including pallet labels.

Thanks to many years of experience, Honeywell has just released a new cost-effective label printing option, the PM42. The new affordable, mid-range label printer increase operational efficiencies in distribution centre and manufacturing environments.

Features of the PM42 printer include:

  • Proven reliability. The all-metal housing enables longer operating times and can support heavy-duty printing in challenging industrial environments, such as distribution centres and warehouses.
  • Extraordinary performance. With class-leading printing speeds of up to 300mm/s, the PM42 offers large volumes of continuous printing during peak times. The printer can also run sophisticated apps using Honeywell Smart Printing technology.
  • Easy operation and fast deployment. The PM42’s intuitive, full-colour LCD display supports nine different languages. The user interface features shortcuts for one-key label setup to make maintenance more convenient while also reducing workforce training time and device support needs.
  • Built-in web interface. Users can set, monitor and configure the printer using a handheld computer, tablet or smartphone. The PM42’s integrated device management and diagnostic capabilities can reduce downtime and simplify deployment.

Honeywell also offers the powerful and reliable PC42d printer, which is well suited for a variety of low-to-mid intensity thermal printing applications – such as electronic express and logistics waybills, healthcare laboratory labels and wristbands, retail price tags and receipts and boarding passes.

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