How to create the best label printing solution for healthcare October 18th, 2018

How to create the best label printing solution for healthcare
In healthcare environments, accurate data and traceability isn’t just a target, it’s a requirement.

Users need to be sure they have the best solution in place for dealing with issues where accuracy is of paramount importance, such as blood and plasma bag labelling.

Like all bio medical items, blood donations are a highly regulated substance. A manual system leaves too much room for error, so reliable printing solutions are crucial.

BlueStar partner SATO delivers an efficient solution for duplication of barcodes for blood sample tubes in the laboratory, and even in standalone situations where no PC is available.  

For example, SATO’s latest CL4NX Series comes with many helpful features as standard and is also simple to maintain.

The NX is SATO's universal printer range designed to support new and legacy printing applications for a range of applications that require a durable and dependable printer for years to come.

The NX series also uses SATO’s Application-Enabled Printing (SATO AEP), allowing printers to be used as a standalone printing solution and eliminating the need for costly additional computers.

SATO AEP resides inside the printers and can be customised for individual business processes. It can also provide additional data input with common peripherals such as a USB keyboard or bar code scanner. Users can also print labels and tags by querying the database.

Meanwhile, the compact SATO PW2NX represents SATO’s next generation of IoT-equipped and rugged mobile printers.

The PW2NX offers best in class print speeds and high-quality print. It also comes with SATO AEP enabling direct connection with input devices such as scanners, which in turn helps print labels faster.

This feature can be invaluable to healthcare providers. Integrating PW2NX series printers with hospital information systems ensures positive patient identification and the efficient management of patient records, medication assets and accounting. 

PW2NX Series printers have an industry leading maximum printing speed of 152mm per second and feature Bluetooth 3.0, NFC and smart battery technology.

On-demand, on-site labelling with SATO’s wireless mobile label printers brings benefits such as quicker response times, increased productivity, higher reliability and reduced costs to the picking and checking operations. 


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.