How to achieve fast and flawless barcode label printing October 18th, 2018

How to achieve fast and flawless barcode label printing
No matter what environment a mobile printer is deployed in, users need to be certain they can rely on the technology they invest in to get the job done.

Whether users are in a warehouse, at a customer’s site or in a healthcare or retail environment, BlueStar partner SATO has a history of delivering mobile printing solutions to print information required, at high speed, exactly where and when they need it. 

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, SATO mobile printers can be worn at the waist or on the shoulder – or mounted on vehicles such as forklifts or delivery trucks. In fact, SATO’s mobile printers are ideally designed to be securely mounted on forklifts.

They are enabled for wireless connection to receive print jobs and other data from host systems and battery optimised to handle full-shift operation and idle time.

The printers are robust and durable to withstand the challenges of conditions where dust and temperature extremes, as well as physical impact and high usage, are common.

In line with SATO’s commitment to protecting the environment our mobile printing linerless labels have no liners or backing papers, eliminating unnecessary paper waste after printing. 

Examples of applications include:


  • Price and Promotion labelling
  • Shelf labelling


  • On-site proof-of-delivery labels


  • Positive patient identification
  • Management of patient records, medication, assets and accounting  
  • Specimen labels

Manufacturing & Warehousing 

  • Product identification
  • Shipping labels at the point of application without needing to go back to the administration office to pick up labels
  • Relabel pallets in real-time to maintain inventory accuracy.

SATO’s MB2i mobile printers, for example, are the ideal solution for portable print applications. Their compact size, rugged design and lightweight make them ideal for mobile, on-demand printing needs.

These printers are among the first to implement both Peel&Present and Linerless material handling capabilities built into the standard unit. The MB200i comes standard with IRDA and RS232, with optional 802.11b and g (standard with a large display) and Bluetooth wireless technologies.

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Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.