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How RFID Solutions Enhance CX in Hospitality July 8th, 2022

How RFID Solutions Enhance CX in Hospitality
See how streamlined operations, security, and visibility contributed to enhanced guest experiences.  

 Technology that streamlines processes and enhances guest experiences is in demand in the hospitality industry, and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions can help hotels, restaurants, event venues, and other hospitality businesses control costs, increase efficiency, and collect data that helps managers make informed decisions.   

One of hospitality businesses’ prime objectives is to make people feel welcome and comfortable. However, it’s harder to accomplish than in the past. The pandemic disrupted normal industry operations and led to a labor shortage and rising costs that impact all facets of hospitality businesses, from managing reservations and housekeeping to managing inventory for a restaurant, catering services, or serving continental breakfast. RFID solutions can enhance processes with automation, efficiency, and accuracy.  

What RFID Solutions Do for Hospitality  

Hospitality businesses are always in pursuit of cost savings and operational improvement, and RFID technology can help in a variety of ways: New call-to-action

Door locks and access control

One of the most familiar RFID hospitality use cases is for access control. RFID cards can replace room keys, lowering costs and enhancing security. Without room keys that can be duplicated, hotels and their guests can better control who enters a room and increase peace of mind.  

However, access control doesn’t have to be limited to guests’ rooms. An RFID card – or a fob or wristband – can grant access to parking, pools, gyms or conference rooms only to registered guests or event attendees.  

Furthermore, RFID can also make charging a dinner or spa services to a room easier or even be a part of a contactless payment system that uses an EMV card on file for transactions.  

Asset tracking 

Hospitality businesses invest in a variety of high-value assets for their operations, such as furnishing and linens for hotel rooms, AV equipment for event spaces, and insulated carriers for restaurant delivery. RFID tags attached to equipment allow businesses to locate those assets immediately and prevent loss or theft by alerting staff if an RFID reader detects that the assets are leaving the facility. An employee can scan shelves with an RFID reader and provide an accurate accounting of available assets instantly because RFID doesn’t require a line of sight as barcode scanning technology does. Furthermore, RFID’s time savings and decrease in losses help hospitality businesses get more value from their asset investments.  

Overall, better asset tracking means customers receive services or orders promptly and efficiently because staff can easily access the assets they need to provide services.   

Inventory control 

RFID makes taking inventory quick and easy. RFID-labeled items such as bedding, uniforms, table settings, and stock can be counted easily with an RFID reader. Accurate inventory counts lead to better-informed purchasing decisions, a better financial position with less capital tied up in inventory in storage, and greater visibility into stock with expirations so it can be used first rather than wasted. Additionally, RFID tags store more data than barcodes, allowing businesses to store information on vendors, suppliers, track and trace data, and more.  


Furthermore, inventory counts automated with RFID require less labor, giving hospitality businesses the ability to reassign employees to other tasks essential to providing outstanding customer experiences or filling gaps created by the labor shortage.  

Vehicle management 

An RFID windshield tag allows businesses to track whether vehicles, such as hotel shuttles or delivery vehicles, have left the parking area or are available to deploy. RFID tags can also track when vehicles are serviced and communicate maintenance history to fleet managers. With visibility into the fleet, the business can provide reliable transportation or deliveries on time.  

Make Your Clients’ Ideas Realities  

As hospitality businesses rebuild after pandemic lockdowns and navigate current labor shortage and inflation challenges, they will need to innovate to operate profitably and provide customer-pleasing experiences.  

Technology solution providers (TSPs) with experience with RFID solutions and the hospitality space can help businesses plan and design new processes that overcome today’s challenges and provide guests with welcoming and comforting experiences. 




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