How Retailers are Shifting to Click and Collect with Curbside May 26th, 2020

How Retailers are Shifting to Click and Collect with Curbside

Retailers are familiar with the concept of Click & Collect, Click-list, Curbside Pickup, because we were all just getting friendly with the ideas of BOPIS. BOPIS or Buy Online and Pickup in Store was popular for grocery stores with shoppers who just didn’t have time to wait in those long check-out lines for fight their way through the crowded aisles to get a carton of eggs. BOPIS was also big for other sectors in the retail world, whether one is traveling from a far distance to pick up a piece of furniture or a wanted item that they simply didn’t want to pay shipping for. In this time, now more than ever, we are seeing retailers jump on the Online Pay, Curbside pickup trend, due to the many COVID-19 gathering restrictions.

Many grocers and smaller retail stores have been forced to close down unexpectedly due to the Coronavirus bans on congregating and being within range of each other. With Click & Collect options, now they can continue operating, but at a comfortably safe distance. Honeywell offers a whole lineup of retail-based solutions to assist with this scenario, whether it’s mobile devices, printers or even software, the whole nine-yards is covered.

Built for compatibility and efficient speeds, the CT40 Mobile Computer provides voice-direction throughout the store’s aisles to help store associates navigate through one’s list to better fulfill the order. Empowering the handheld CT40 device with the RP4 mobile printer helps facilitate the whole transaction in a quick manner. This bundled solution makes it perfect for any retailers, large or small, to have the perfect pathway for fulfilling Click and Collect orders, so that we all can continue to abide by the sanctions of Social Distancing and stay happy and healthy.

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