How Printers Provide Versatility in Kiosk Use and Design December 29th, 2020

How Printers Provide Versatility in Kiosk Use and Design

The role and functionality of kiosks in retail is constantly evolving, especially in time like the ones we are currently all living through this year. The checkout experience looks a bit different this time around than it has ever before. As the global pandemic has surged its way through the world, the retail world has had to change up its operational flow due to businesses shutting down during lockdown and then reopening again, but only to a limited capacity. According to both social and physical distancing guidelines, retailers are separating employees from their customers with the usage of plexiglass barriers and facial coverings to help stop the spread of the virus as time goes forward. In this particular instance, retail-based kiosks would really come in handy to help businesses continue to prosper during these undesirable times, while also looking out for their staff members and customers.

Challenged by the advances in mobile technology alongside the demand for more compact and sophisticated designs that go beyond simply inputting information to offering self-check-in, it has been found that such ordering and payment facilities are being equipped with additional functionalities, covering all of the bases. Many retailers are looking outside the box to ensure that proper temperature checking procedures live within pre-existing properties, through a means of reinventing the industry.

As self-service kiosks become more prevalent across a range of applications and environments, one area that is growing in importance during the current pandemic is processing visitor management. With limited customer interaction and safety being a top priority for retailers, the need for effective visitor management has been heightened, so that likely means a physical person standing in the doorway to take a count, but not if Kiosks were to take the lead. A cloud-based visitor management solution can provide real-time accurate tracking of visitors, allowing for a better understanding of who is visiting and when they plan to visit, which is essential in today’s climate.

With some premises having over 6,000 visitors per month, a reliable kiosk printing solution is required to provide a seamless visitor experience. Star Micronics offers a range of cost-effective and flexible printing solutions for visitor passes, badges, and labels which are compatible with industry-leading software. Brought to you by Star CloudPRNT technology, they provide the ideal solutions for use with Android and Windows Tablets.

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