How POS Technology and Mobile Apps Can Help the Hospitality Sector September 15th, 2020

How POS Technology and Mobile Apps Can Help the Hospitality Sector

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease up somewhat, the hospitality sector is thinking about how to protect their customers and staff under social distancing guidelines. Creating a safer and more contactless environment ironically goes against the very nature of hospitality, but from enclosed dining pods and frequent temperature checks, many have already seen a diverse variety of maintaining safety in an operational manner.

The uptake of BYOD technology and ordering directly from table to kitchen is becoming more commonplace. Digital menus allow venues to instantly modify the menu online, in response to customer concerns while optimising costs and processes. Although we have seen the limit for contactless payments has been raised, this may still prove a problem when dining out in the current times. Online Payments or even QR Code Payments work to provide the option for customers to scan a digital QR code or a printed QR code, located on-site or at the end of a receipt, say they can pay directly via their phone. All of this can, in turn, provide a much more advanced customer experience.

The role of mobile apps plays a big part in the picture as well. A number of innovative software companies are developing mobile apps that can take orders and payments at the table, making inventory counts and the ordering process simpler, and collectively, minimising wastage and enhancing accuracy. As customers are able to order their food and drinks at the table, opposed to queuing at the bar to order and pay, the order is sent directly to the bar or kitchen printer for preparation. This improves order speed and accuracy while encouraging customers to order more frequently and stay awhile.

Offering tablet software/hardware to view online menus, as well as enabling real-time table management, such as contactless payments and wireless receipt printing, has been shown to increase the average receipt value and service value. At the same time, integrated payment options are seen to reduce the need for waiting staff to manually enter the monetary amount into the payment terminal.

In a busy hospitality environment, reliable technology is vital. With venues facing more challenges to meet the growing demand for online orders, alongside safely providing dine-in options, the reliance on high-performing POS technology has never been greater. Solutions such as the mC-Print series provide the tools required for venues to operate effectively with exceptional functionality.

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Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.