How label printers improve efficiency in warehouses October 23th, 2019

How label printers improve efficiency in warehouses

Warehouse operators are constantly trying to look for more ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. At the same time, they are striving to maintain customer satisfaction expectations and continue to keep overall profitability. 

Pushed by recent developments in computing and telecommunications technology, the e-commerce sector is growing at an increasing pace, with research showing that approximately 54% of people across the globe already buy products online weekly, increasing the need for an efficient warehouse. 

How label printers can reduce the impact of returns 

Even though returns are undoubtedly inevitable, adopting new technologies can help minimize the losses caused by items being returned and the labels not having the correct information. High-quality printing labels can improve reverse logistics operations, by warehouses adding in a pre-printed, scannable adhesive return label with the product. This is making it undoubtedly easier for the customer. Plus, once returned to the warehouse, the operator can scan the barcode to reveal the necessary details. 

Improving accuracy and reducing costs with label printers 

The difficulties companies face today with warehousing and distribution processes correlate. A decrease in efficiency will increase costs and reduce productivity in the warehouse. Barcode labeling allows companies to efficiently understand and locate inventory, down to the individual item. This enables the warehouse operators to deliver faster and more accurately to customers. 

With the use of labels and barcodes in warehouses, companies can view all the goods that are being used and needed. The warehouses can then reduce costs by identifying space, labor, and energy costs by distinguishing areas of waste to remove. 

Choosing the best printer for your warehouse? 

Barcode labels are made to improve picking productivity and efficiency, and they can also improve the way goods and people flow through your facility. Choosing the right label printer is vital to decreasing errors and increasing productivity. With the Citizen CL -S6621 warehouses can make sure their operators have the best printers. Contact your BlueStar Europe representative for more information. 


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