How having a POS system can help grow your small business? October 23th, 2019

How having a POS system can help grow your small business?

For most shop owners, the sound of the cash register opening is music to their ears. But today most stores have changed from the original cash register and moved to "Point-of-Sales" (POS) system. The reason POS systems have grown so popular in today’s retail world is that they do not just ring up sales. POS systems keep track of purchases, returns, and provide real-time information about inventory and customers. 

POS systems are an excellent investment for small businesses. They have the tools to help power growth. Here are 3 strategic advantages how POS can help small businesses grow. 

I have one word for you: Inventory.  

No matter the size of your store, retailers need to know what is in stock and where they can locate it. Retailers don't want their customers going elsewhere because they are unable to locate inventory or are out of stock. With a POS system, not only do they ring up sales, but they also track inventory and indicate when you need to reorder items. This is paramount for small businesses that are undergoing accelerated growth because they are able to keep track of stock when adding new locations to their company. 

Loyalty is key 

The most influential factor in sales is satisfied customers. But how do businesses boost sales? They connect with their customers and make sure they are content. Loyalty programs are a key feature to look for when purchasing a POS. With having a POS system which provides a loyalty program, it can keep current customers coming back to your store and create interest for new customers. 

Keeping it easy 

When small businesses are looking to expand, they want to keep track of their employees and make sure their systems are simple to use. POS systems, which have an iPad instead of out-dated computers, help make it easy for employees to use. This will decrease training time and reduce errorswhich are often caused due to employees not knowing how to use retail software. Business owners can also track their employees’ hours and delegate tasks and responsibility to each employee, making it time effective and easy to use. 

Retail stores don't want traditional bulky systems, but instead they want easy-to-use POS systems which provide a modern touch to the store. Staff can use the system easily without needed much training. Our partner Star has the best and affordable mPOS systems, which are perfect for a small business that is ready to grow. Contact your BlueStar representative to order some now.  


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.