How every touch point can become a Point-of-Sale October 18th, 2018

How every touch point can become a Point-of-Sale
Shopper demand for integration between online and offline channels is continuing to grow, increasing the need for retailers to install digital touchpoints in-store.

This digital revolution is leading retailers to look for new ways to integrate digital options into their stores to offer customers the experience they are looking for. But for new technology to really make an impact, it needs to be simple to deploy, integrate and manage. These new opportunities are a great step toward increased sales for bricks and mortar stores, and one benefit physical stores will always have over online retailers due to the ability for the consumer to see, touch, taste and try things before making a purchase. 

It’s clear that there are lots of new opportunities in the retail sector beyond the traditional POS systems.

How can non-traditional POS touchpoints benefit the retail environment for both customer and staff?

An in-store touchscreen, for example, can bring all the benefits of online shopping into the physical store. Integrating any digital component into a store, even on a small scale, will create an improved customer experience that gives shoppers the advantages of both online and in-store. By bringing the website or app in-store, retailers are creating an instant omnichannel experience while extending the value of its current marketing investment with very little adjustment to existing content.

In-store e-commerce is an opportunity to improve customer service even further, facilitate transactions and create an integrated technology experience. Having a payment option at the point of purchase instead of directing the customer towards a counter with perhaps a long line, can make a difference for the tech savvy shopper.

Advanced options can also see a customer complete a purchase right from the virtual fitting room or through an interactive terminal while having the item in hand or fresh in mind, with the possibility for the retailers to add extra option based on loyalty points, shopper behaviour or search history.

Digital touchpoints do not mean an end to helpful staff members either. It would actually give them more time to get away from behind the counter and interact alongside the customer, giving advice, checking inventory with easier access to information and improving the customer service.

What POS solutions does ELO offer?

To facilitate digital transformation in the retail sector, Elo has a broad portfolio of solutions available for both traditional POS systems and touch signage displays  - along with the necessary accessories (barcode scanners, payment terminals and more).

With the range of retail-hardened touchscreen products from Elo and the complementary accessories, an interactive digital signage display can be turned into a point of sale, anywhere in the store. Flexible solutions like the I-Series touchcomputer mounted on the mPOS printer stand with additional accessories can be used both as self-service kiosk and POS, either employee-facing or customer-facing depending on the application

The high street shopping experience is evolving rapidly and changing for the better.

Tomorrow’s in-store shopping experience will be more interactive through the latest touch technology, more personalised through the smarter use of data capture and analytics, and more mobile through new point-of-sale devices and mobile apps. The end result will be a great experience for shoppers and retailers alike.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.