How do TSC printers help Panalpina to optimise warehouse and logistics? October 18th, 2018

How do TSC printers help Panalpina to optimise warehouse and logistics?
Barcode printers provide a significant advantage to users in the warehouse and logistics sectors.

Not only do they replace the manual handling of data, removing the risk of human error and improving logistics flexibility, but they also offer users immediate control of stock and shipping – from cargo withdrawal to delivery – by linking barcode labels with automatic identification systems. 

BlueStar partner TSC’s barcode printers are ideally suited for item marking, carton and pallet labelling and asset management.

Using the information embedded in the barcodes - such as product description, quantity, weight and tracking number - logistics operators can monitor the delivery time, status, and route changes of items through every step of the supply chain.

Switzerland-based Panalpina, one of the world's leading providers of end-to-end supply chain solutions, selected TSC’s for use in its global supply chain, a network of 500 offices in 80 countries employing 15,000 people.

With its rugged aluminium casing, fast print speed and high resolution, the TTP-2410M proved to be the ideal printer solution for Panalpina, offering the fastest label output of any printer in its class.

Within Panalpina’s supply chain network, printer and scanner systems are critical components. They identify shipments, gather and print relevant data on labels, and communicate with Panalpina’s computer network, which controls and optimises internal data flows and external transit routes.

The TTP-2410M’s print quality, high memory capacity, keyboard interface, and connectivity options were key factors in its selection.

These features enable Panalpina to label every shipment based on the type of transportation and application. The requirements for labels used in air freight shipments are especially high because of temperatures changes in aircraft storage bays. Such labels must meet very rigid regulations.

Another attractive feature of the TTP-2410M is its ease of handling. The ribbons and print media can be replaced easily by any onsite employee.

Markus Igl from the Core Application Development Department at Panalpina in Switzerland commented: “We specialise in end-to-end supply chain management solutions as well as intercontinental air freight and ocean freight shipments. Our business can only operate utilising state-of-the-art software. Every branch in the world is connected to our complex IT environment, where all components must cooperate optimally.

“We chose TSC’s high-performance TTP-2410M printers and have recommended them to all our businesses worldwide. The support from TSC has been exceptional, with specialists from the company helping us to define the optimal print speed for each application to prevent any problems with print quality."


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