How direct printing from tablets is impacting the POS October 18th, 2018

How direct printing from tablets is impacting the POS

Retailers today often have to choose between traditional fixed Point of Sale (POS) solutions or the newer and more innovative tablet POS, which has taken great strides in providing more flexibility and mobility – especially in hospitality environments.

But, for a number of reasons, the traditional solutions remain the first choice despite the additional benefits on offer from mobile POS.

The key issues that hinder mobile POS are based around concerns for communication and connectivity issues, with cable-free communication being affected by obstacles such as brick walls and even fridges and microwaves.

This has led many retailers to stick with more traditional cabled POS terminals, resulting in more expensive installations. This situation is further compounded by the fact that tablet POS receipt printers need network connections and cabling for reliable printer connection and tablet charging when cable-free communication is not considered suitable.

But the latest developments in mobile POS mean your customers should not ignore the benefits:

  • Lower cost of hardware
  • Lower cost of software
  • Use of consumer devices meaning less training and a familiarity for employees
  • More compact footprint combined with lower costs will allow for a higher number of POS stations with shorter transaction times
  • More modern, stylish design of hardware for today’s retailers and restaurateurs
  • All the known advantages of mobile POS Cloud-based software
  • Mobility to carry out the transaction / order
  • Ability for customers to use their own devices
  • Pre-order on retailers’ apps possible.

Star Micronics has pioneered change within the POS printing industry partnering with undoubtedly the largest selection of tablet POS software houses and integrators today. With the popularity of using iPads for POS, Star’s latest introduction is the new TSP143IIIU USB printer with a unique key feature - the printer can communicate and charge simultaneously and directly with an iPad or iPhone.

As well as working with a traditional POS terminal, the Star TSP143IIIU USB printer can connect directly to an iPad or iPhone using the Apple supplied lightning cable for reliable USB communication as opposed to previous iOS wireless only technologies. As a result, the usual Bluetooth or Wi-Fi / wired LAN set-up issues around pairing, network infrastructure and connectivity are eliminated from a hardware perspective.  

More key benefits for your customers include:

  • The option for a (mobile) tablet to be used as a fixed countertop solution
  • Zero set-up costs - literally plug-in & print with only one mains cable required
  • The retailer and restaurateur’s choice of operating systems is now complete, with Apple iOS as practical as Windows or Android
  • No extra cable is required as the iPad / iPhone lightning cable for charging and for handling data can be used
  • Retailers and restaurateurs can experience a reduction in hardware costs given that a USB printer is less costly than a LAN, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer and tablets are lower cost than traditional POS terminals
  • Lower operating costs thanks to more stations with ensured printer connection stability
  • Connection to a cash drawer as standard
  • Works with most software solutions (it is advisable to check with your software provider).

The new TSP143IIIU is now available, so please contact Bluestar for more information.   


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.