How digital transformation is shaping the retail landscape: A global retail research study November 9th, 2018

How digital transformation is shaping the retail landscape: A global retail research study

Digital transformation is the single most disruptive driver of retail change. In this age of digital transformation, retailers are increasingly faced with the challenge of delighting and engaging customers “at the moment” by providing a seamless experience — both online and in-store. A research conducted by Honeywell and YouGov sheds light on the impact of this digital disruption in the retail environment.

Blurry boundaries between offline and online retail

As a result of this digital transformation a range of new business models are increasingly blur the boundaries between online and offline retail, creating the need for an evolved value proposition for consumers.

Brick and mortar transitions to a connected space.

The brick and mortar store will continue to evolve as consumer buying methods change, transitioning to places that tell stories and serve as platforms for discovery, engagement, experience and interaction. Retailers who implement the required technologies and capabilities to deliver a more exciting, simple and convenient customer experience report higher confidence levels of future growth opportunities.

Personalised service interaction is key

The focus for the future for most retailers is to place a premium on technologies that support delivering more personalised services and experiences that require high levels of interaction with products and staff. 

Cutting edge retail technology equates to increased company growth

Research findings point to technology as being key enablers for retailers who identified themselves as being well positioned for growth in future:

  • Big data/advanced analytics
  • Arming associates with mobile solutions that enable the retailer to differentiate, personalise, and enhance the customer journey from discovery to purchase
  • Better tracking real-time demand to ensure correct inventory availability and a seamless customer experience 

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