How did a Danish Hospital keep up with constantly evolving healthcare systems? June 3th, 2019

How did a Danish Hospital keep up with constantly evolving healthcare systems?

In Denmark they are building the first of several “super” hospitals. The first super hospital being built will be capable of holding 4000 patients daily and having 9500 employees. These hospitals will have the latest technology with the state-of-the-art equipment to keep up with constantly evolving healthcare systems.  

But why super hospitals are needed so much?  

Hospitals today are having multiple issues such as shortage of staff, safety, and inability to locate resources. And with the high demands of patients in hospitals, there is a request to ameliorate these issues. RFID is a key resource to solving these issues in hospitals. 

Nurses are not the only ones that are struggling with the high demands that they must achieve each day, but all essential hospital physicians are battling to keep up. Most hospital facilities have asset tracking to help keep track on hospital resources, from equipment to medication. But are these tracking systems accurate and easy to use for the staff? Staff is spending too much time trying to locate resources daily.  

In the hospital being built in Aarhus, Denmark the challenge was to create a way of tracking and locating staff, medical equipment, samples, and medication. In order to solve this, a RFID solution was deployed throughout the new hospital. With this solution efficiency will be increased and anything can be located, with a click of a button. 

Studies have shown that hospitals purchase up to 20% more portable medical equipment than needed due to the fact the clinicians can never find the needed apparatus. With the use of RFID, the number of products the hospital purchases will be reduced as staff will be able to locate the needed equipment effortlessly and cut down on costs. At the same time, the nearest specialised doctor will be found fast, ensuring that way the best patient care in an emergency. 

Does a new and improved RFID system sound like the perfect tool for your hospital? 

Then with RFID readers by Zebra you can significantly improve your hospital! Zebra Technologies was commissioned to deploy the new RFID solution at the new hospital in Denmark. With Zebra you are not only getting a cost efficient, fail-safe system, but it also reduces the risk of error. The new super hospital used the FX7500 RFID readers, which provide a reliable and accurate system that contributes to improving patient care and helping staff optimize productivity. Click here to read more about the Danish super hospital case. Contact BlueStar Europe to get your own RFID solution!  


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