How big is the RFID impact in the EMEA business? October 18th, 2018

How big is the RFID impact in the EMEA business?
The future impact of RFID technology

Interview with Ian Bayly, Director of Sales EMEA and APAC, RF IDeas

Ian Bayly

CIOs and IT directors throughout the EMEA business all require higher security and enhanced productivity for their employees' devices and computers. RFID technology and especially the credentials used to access buildings are ubiquitous so with RF IDeas readers included with our partners software, we offer a solution that meets the corporate objectives of enhanced data security and streamlined productivity. 

In what vertical is RFID having the biggest impact?

We see RFID technology being used in all the verticals, from manufacturing, healthcare, and retail to government and public safety agencies. In particular, as IT organizations begin to grasp the numerous uses for the contactless smart cards, i.e. employee badges, various solutions are being deployed throughout the enterprise in accounting, training, production and other departments. 

What are the main applications for RFID technology?

RFID covers a broad spectrum of frequencies and hundreds of applications and uses.  Our core business focuses on low and high frequency RFID applications. In addition to computer logon and application access, secure print management is increasingly used in every industry especially since multi-function printers are connected to the network. Securing access to printers is an important privacy compliance issue and more organizations are now including this initiative in their security plans. 

In the manufacturing market, RFID authentication can provide benefits throughout the manufacturing facility, as illustrated by this interactive factory floor model we developed.                 

How can a standard Auto-ID reseller use RFID to boost sales?

Solutions developed around RF IDeas' readers address access challenges by significantly reducing login-related clicks and eliminating the need to remember or enter application usernames and passwords. RF IDeas' readers can be used with all types of applications, ensuring only authorized users have access. From a sales perspective, this is an added benefit to existing ID badge sales, differentiating a standard Auto-ID reseller from its competition.

What is the best way for ISV’s and Reseller’s to offer a complete solution?

Some partners elect to develop a solution that addresses a particular "use case." This can be done using RF IDeas' SDK (software developers kit) to write the application, addressing an unlimited number of applications like mustering, cashless vending, automated kiosk management, single sign-on, secure print release and other solutions. 

How is the GDPR going to influence the market in coming months?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an overarching data protection policy that defends European Union (EU) citizens in the event of a data breach. While the regulation originated in Europe, it impacts all multinational companies worldwide as most of them hold data on EU citizens. For example, if a company's data gets hacked and an EU citizen's information is compromised, an investigation will be launched to see what security plans are in place for areas such as printer access, network access, identity access, and other business processes.

The initial immediate compliance analysis and remedial steps are already in process by European organizations but multi-national companies are also implementing the necessary steps. Examples include strengthening networks, devices and printers. Printers can no longer be considered an end point within the network because sensitive data can get into the wrong hands and that breaches the regulations. GDPR changes the game by making all companies think twice about their security protocols. RF IDeas readers and our partners offer companies stronger authentication security that can help achieve requirements on the GDPR audits.


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