High-quality ID solution out of the box October 18th, 2018

High-quality ID solution out of the box
The EZ-ID system by Datacard® is a cost-effective out-of-the-box solution offering everything that companies need to print ID cards. The UV ribbon is a real benefit, adding the possibility to create security badges using an entry-level solution.

High quality for low volumes 

The EZ-ID system combines everything required to issue high-resolution color photo ID cards into one simple, easy-to-deploy package. This solution is easy to set up and use, and is perfect for organizations that want to print low volumes of cards. The full-color ribbons provide vibrant, life-like images with great richness of detail, and unlike comparably priced competing systems, the SD160 printer includes a UV ink ribbon option to enable easy verification and add additional security to your cards. 

The EZ-Card program is easy to install, powerful and user-friendly. Setup is hassle-free; only three easy steps are needed: Upload the card design, take a picture with the built-in photo capture, and click “Print”. Designing the ID card is as straightforward with the TruCredential™ software, which allows creating the card layout and the designs. The user can add logos and graphics utilizing intuitive point-and-click navigation. Data from Microsoft® Access® databases can be retrieved and entered, adding barcodes and magnetic stripe data are optional.  

Integrate pictures and print with one click 

The 1.3-megapixels camera creates crisp images quickly and easily with a simple click of the mouse. The camera is mounted on the computer monitor with a flexible clip. The Datacard® SD160™ card printer delivers the perfect mix of security and simplicity to get your ID card issuance program started. This economical ID card printer provides the combination of technologies you need to print high-quality cards. Featuring rewritable printing, inline magnetic stripe encoding, a unique ultraviolet (UV) printing security feature, and intuitive operation, the versatile SD160 card printer allows fulfilling a wide range of ID issuance applications requirements. 

The SD160 card printer offers full-color, monochrome, or rewritable printing with single-pass efficiency — plus inline encoding. You can encode magnetic stripes for physical or logical access control and machine-readable authentication, as well as rewrite cards instantly, without incurring the time and cost of reissuance. 

The EZ-ID system includes the following in one simple, quick-deploy package: The SD160 card printer, an YMCKFT UV ribbon, TruCredential™ software, 250 blank cards (with or without mag stripe as appropriate), a webcam, and a quick-install guide.


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