Here’s how new technology is revolutionising the healthcare sector October 18th, 2018

Here’s how new technology is revolutionising the healthcare sector

Ensuring patient safety, managing medical devices efficiently and labelling pharmaceuticals correctly are three key pillars in any healthcare environment.

What is SATO doing to support the healthcare environment?

SATO understands these needs and has many years of experience in supplying the latest technology to help healthcare providers meet their requirements.

In fact, SATO aims to become a “one-stop” company for hospitals, medical organisations and healthcare businesses seeking to improve patient safety and achieve peace of mind through the use of auto-identification technology solutions.

SATO’s devices and ID solutions are simple to explain, easy to prepare and offer maximum flexibility to healthcare professionals. As well as ID wristbands, SATO also provides barcode scanners, RFID tags and scanners, printers and sensors.

Pioneering ID Wristbands for the healthcare sector

Healthcare professionals require optimum flexibility and cost-effectiveness from their chosen ID wristbands whilst ensuring patient safety is protected at all times with accurate data collection and identification.

For patients, the ID wristbands have to be comfortable to wear and non-irritable to skin whilst providing peace of mind and convenience.

To answer these requirements, SATO has unveiled a new range of pioneering ID wristbands for the healthcare sector to enhance patient safety, security and comfort.

Four new wristband lines, to be launched in September, will complement SATO’s premium TT Line wristband, which has proved popular with both patients and hospital staff. The new range includes the DT Line, Eco Line, Laser Line and RFID Line.

What does SATO'S RFID wristband range offer?

SATO’s RFID wristband range offers healthcare facilities a high degree of autonomy, delivering excellent levels of patient safety and security. Customers can choose from three technologies: HF, UHF and NFC, catering for multiple situations and scenarios.

Hospital staff can scan and track patients from a distance using strategically placed RFID readers or mobile devices, minimising the need to disturb them for data collection. The RFID technology is also a useful tool for managing access to departments or wards, for example maternity or mental health units.

The RFID wristbands are printed using direct thermal technology, delivering a high-quality print that retains data securely for up to one week.

It’s crucial in a healthcare environment to understand that there is no one-size fits all solution to patient safety and security. That’s why SATO has extended its range of ID wristbands. Technology users in the healthcare sector now have access to a comprehensive, cost-effective selection of wristbands that deliver error-free, accurate identification data.

SATO has been involved in the development of fail-safe solutions for positive patient identification for more than two decades, and continues to work with hospitals and healthcare organisations to deliver solutions that withstand the harsh hospital environment whilst preserving patient data securely and safely to provide peace of mind to patients and healthcare professionals alike.



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