Harnessing the workforce mobility revolution October 18th, 2018

Harnessing the workforce mobility revolution
In recent years, rugged handheld devices have become just as intuitive as their consumer-grade counterparts.

This shift in the rugged mobile device landscape has been accelerated by a need to increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy in the workplace.

Modern devices offer new ways of working by introducing an entirely new level of visibility into operations. Businesses that understand these opportunities and act on them quickly will see the full benefits in the years ahead. That’s why many organisations are looking to take advantage of this ‘workforce mobility revolution’ through a number of key technology changes.

The benefits of modern devices are clear. They offer advanced functionality within user-friendly hardware and software that removes inefficient workflows and boosts productivity. They also offer a broader choice of mobile operating systems (OS), as consumer-focused industry giants such as Android mature into genuine enterprise-ready platforms. Perhaps the biggest change is the end of support for the existing Windows mobile OS - relied upon for some $5 billion of enterprise application investments worldwide. Organisations running Windows-based rugged devices today will need to find an alternative OS - and upgrade to new devices - before Microsoft support ends in 2020. For those that embrace the workforce mobility revolution as a way to succeed, the dividends will be high. Seismic changes will open up new markets and drive economic growth across operations in industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, transport/logistics, and healthcare. Organisations that are agile and innovative will have the technological means to provide improved value across the board in speed, quality and pricing.

Key gains from the Workforce Mobility Revolution include:
  • Efficiency: New processes that eliminate waste or complexity
  • Accuracy: Advanced data collection capabilities that reduce soft and hard costs associated with errors.

Disruptive technology is rapidly becoming available, and it covers just about every industry imaginable. It is focused on innovation powered by platforms that bring people, processes, and technologies together. Most importantly, these platforms are all available via mobile devices like smartphones and handheld enterprise computers.
To help businesses navigate their way through this tricky period of technology readjustment, Zebra’s Workforce Mobility Revolution campaign has been designed to help organisations take advantage of the transformation in mobile enterprise technology today, increasing their productivity and save money.

This campaign will:

  • Demonstrate Zebra’s leadership and position resellers as thought leaders and experts
  • Enable customers to see the opportunity the Workforce Mobility Revolution offers
  • Empower customers to start acting now
  • Provide customers with useful resources and guidance
  • Educate customers on Zebra’s solutions: hardware, software and services
  • Increase awareness of Zebra’s Android as a viable alternative to Windows and Zebra’s Android offering, including Zebra’s software tools and resources.


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