From dock to stock: connected solutions boost warehouse flow October 18th, 2018

From dock to stock: connected solutions boost warehouse flow

In most warehouse environments, the speed and accuracy of receiving and putting away goods makes all the difference to workflows downstream.

To speed up these initial processes, which combine the flow of goods with business-critical information, modern warehouses need a connected workflow solution. 

At its simplest form, a connected solution for inbound workflows will include a mobile computer preloaded with Mobile Document Imaging (MDI) software and a mobile printer.

It may sound basic, but this solution equips workers with the tools they need to increase accuracy, productivity and visibility in the challenging warehouse environment.

Firstly, the mobile computer is able to record receipt data and update back office systems in real time using scans and minimal data entry. Warehouse managers will find drastic improvements in productivity and accuracy over paper-based processes. What’s more, they will have real-time visibility into their inventory.

Using the MDI software to electronically capture paperwork and both send and store those files electronically also provides immediate visibility to critical information. By also using a mobile printer, the receiver can remain at the point of process, labelling each pallet as it is received. This eliminates the unproductive travel time back and forth to stationary printers on the dock or in an office. Operators can receive multiple doors more quickly, so forklifts can clear received pallets more quickly and turn the doors faster.

Other advantages of a connected solution in inbound processes include:

  • Handle more receipts in less time
  • Improve dock‐to‐stock cycle time and accuracy
  • Prevent costly cascading errors by ensuring accurate data entry on the receiving dock
  • Maximise efficiency with rapid, accurate scanning from the moment goods reach the floor
  • Save travel time and integrate operators’ receiving tasks – with total stock visibility
  • Meet peaks in demand head-on with technology designed to fit the task
  • Improve the service levels you can offer to your customers.

Honeywell offers a no-compromise solution with its new rugged CK75 mobile computer, which is 31% smaller and lighter than other leading devices in the ultra-rugged class and also has the industry’s fastest and farthest imaging engines deliver superior motion tolerance and barcode read performance.

The CK75 mobile computer is optimised for warehouse and distribution environments with premium, industrial-grade materials for the perfect balance of ruggedness and duty cycle, along with features that enable flexibility and agility, even in the most extreme conditions. The CK75 can withstand 2.4m (8ft) drops to concrete, 2000 tumbles and has an IP67 seal rating against water and dust.

When workload demands shift unexpectedly, the CK75 mobile computer gives workers the flexibility to quickly transition to tasks that require near or far scanning, speech, voice and image capture, without wasting time reorienting themselves on unfamiliar devices. Because the CK75 mobile computer supports Honeywell headsets and voice software, customers have the option of traditional or voice-enabled workflows.

The CK75 mobile computer also offers unparalleled deployment flexibility, allowing the choice of Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 or Android 6 operating systems on a single device. Today’s Windows users can continue to deploy CK75 mobile computers into their existing applications running existing software. When the time comes for a transition to new applications based on Android, the CK75 units can be converted to Android 6, saving the investment in computers and peripherals.

Find out more about what you can accomplish with the CK75 ultra-rugged mobile computer and Honeywell workflow solutions.


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