Frictionless checkout: Delivering "just right" experiences for the customer November 9th, 2018

Frictionless checkout: Delivering

Based on the Goldilocks principle, everyone keeps looking for things that are “just right” for them. Similar to Goldilocks, who within the family of bears tries to find what she considers “just right” for her, every customer seeks an experience that fits perfectly in their lives and expectations. As the role of physical stores is changing, finding the technology that is “just right” for your customers is key. Below you can find some ways that various technologies can improve the experience of your customers when visiting your store.

Get the basics right with POS

Exceed the expectations of your customers by providing checkout experiences that go beyond pure transactions. Does your POS enable high-touch service? Can it provide actionable, real-time insights that extend management’s capabilities? And how easy or seamless is it to integrate with other systems and applications (both existing and future)?

Increase speed, convenience, and profitability with self-service

Self-checkout in stores can improve efficiency of any store. The queue lines are moving faster and employees can devote their time to higher-impact tasks. Taking self-service beyond the checkout, you can enable the self-guided shopper journey to include kiosks or other stations for item lookup, self-ordering, and more.

Bridge the digital divide with buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS)

BOPIS brings the online experience to brick-and-mortar and answers the call for a “buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere” shopping journey. Advanced picking solutions and mobile payment improves the pickup experience for your customers and at the same time allows your staff to maximise their productivity and accuracy.

Create a perpetual loop in the buyer journey with mobile

Want to connect with mobile-first shoppers before they even set foot in the store? Mobile solutions allow you to increase meaningful engagement with your brand throughout the buying journey – from list creation to personalised real-time offers and promotions in-store, and digital receipts. With assisted POS for serving customers with large baskets and self-checkout for those with small baskets, mobile shopping also helps cut queue times to virtually zero for customers with medium baskets.

Plan for a grab-and-go future

Amazon has opened the first cashier-less physical store in Seattle. Although this might seem as a far-fetched plan for most retailers, it illustrates how biometrics and computer vision are introducing an even broader the spectrum of in-store shopping experiences and catering to a variety of demographics, shopping missions and shopping occasions.

Want to determine which of these technologies best suits your needs and goals?

BlueStar’s partner NCR has created this frictionless retail questionnaire to find out what might best fit your unique goals, your brand, and your shoppers – and get a report that will help you understand how to explore store planning for the near- and long-term. Complete the questionnaire today so, like Goldilocks, you can provide frictionless retail experiences that fit your business… “just right”.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.