Food labelling from a single source October 18th, 2018

Food labelling from a single source

Food labels provide important information for the consumer, such as product ingredients, nutrients, use-by date as well as details on allergens. Today, the customer assumes that the labels, signs and colour ribbons are food-safe and are approved for direct and indirect contact to foodstuffs and packaging. He or she trusts in the absolute professionality of the supplier relying on the safety and sustainability of the labelling solutions.

Challenges for the supplier

Thus, the food retailer has to master two significant challenges: On the one hand, he or she has to fulfil the requirements of food labelling in keeping the EU Directive 1169/2011, and has to ensure that he or she uses certified components which are suitable for the direct and indirect contact to the sensitive goods. On the other hand, the food retailer has to create a striking branding for his price and production information in order to support sales and to set himself or herself apart from competitors, and thus to communicate his or her individual identity.

BlueStar works with industry-leading partners

BlueStar offers a broad variety of PVC cards, colour ribbons and printers for professional food labelling in cooperation with experienced and competent manufacturers. This helps resellers, software developers and systems integrators to fully meet the end customers‘ requirements and to deploy state-of-the-art technologies.

Among other overall solutions, BlueStar recommends Datacard and Zebra for food labelling.

The solution offered by Datacard comprises the SD360 card printer, which has been designed for small and medium production quantities.

Datacard identification software assists the creation of information cards in order to present product images, texts, logos and other CI elements of the product attractively

The certified and food-safe colour ribbons meet the information regulations and are compatible with all Datacard SD printers.

At low operating costs, the solution of Zebra provides a time-saving, flexible and consistent allergen labelling possibility for all product groups in the food sector. The solution comprises the Zebra ZXP Series 3 direct card printer that finds space on the smallest area and enables brilliant full-colour and monochrome print on cards printable on one side or both sides.

The food-safe PVC cards can be printed on one side or on both sides, are dust-free, ISO-compliant, and are suitable for printing of high-definition pictures. The environmentally friendly ink ribbons have a high capacity and are ISEGA certified for use with food-safe cards.


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