Finding the right patient admissions workflow solution October 18th, 2018

Finding the right patient admissions workflow solution

Matching the right patient to the right medical history, medications and doctor's instructions is critical to providing the right care.

A new and effective way of ensuring the necessary information is always at hand is to build it into the patient barcode ID wristband.

BlueStar partner Honeywell's wristbands are made specifically for healthcare requirements to ensure simple, intuitive printer loading and one-at-a-time printing to minimise waste.

But there’s a lot more to patient admissions than printing wristbands and labels. Reading drivers licences, insurance cards, and even scanning documents is all part of the process – and must be handled with care.

That’s why Honeywell has developed barcode and imaging technology for the unique needs of the patient admissions process.

The quality of both the patient wristband and the information that’s printed on it are essential to patient care in the hospital. Healthcare providers must have confidence in their choice of wristbands and printer. Honeywell wristband printers are easy to setup and use and the wristbands are created specifically for healthcare environments.

During the admissions process, scanning barcodes or documents is extremely simple with Honeywell's imaging and scanning solutions.

Honeywell's Xenon healthcare scanner has long been the choice for best-in-class healthcare organisations looking to improve their medication administration and positive patient identification workflows.

Now, the next-generation Enhanced Xenon 1902h adds a number of features specifically requested by clinicians to further enhance patient comfort and improve common clinician workflows. Setting the high benchmark for scanning performance, the Enhanced Xenon 1902h utilises Honeywell’s sixth-generation Adaptus area-imaging technology for responsive reading of almost all 1D, PDF, and 2D bar codes, even challenging high-density, low contrast or damaged codes.

ColorFusion technology also adds colour imaging, allowing the scanner to read colour bar codes that are becoming more prevalent in healthcare environments.

To enhance patient comfort while maintaining clinician productivity, the Enhanced Xenon 1902h can be quickly placed into Patient Do-Not-Disturb mode. When in this mode, all noise is disabled and replaced by visual display options that provide positive status indication to the clinician.

Additionally, a unique Scan Lamp mode can be activated with the touch of a button. When mounted above a workstation on wheels (WoW) display, the Scan Lamp casts white illumination to the work surface. This allows staff to read labels, verify medication, or enter data without having to turn on the room light and disturb resting patients.

The Enhanced Xenon 1902h is enclosed in a disinfectant-ready housing which resists the harmful effects of harsh cleaning agents commonly used in healthcare environments and minimises the spread of infectious diseases.

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