Fighting Bad Inventory in the Supply Chain October 1th, 2020

Fighting Bad Inventory in the Supply Chain

Thanks to COVID-19, humans aren’t the only ones who’ve been infected by the Pandemic. For many, their business functionalities have been placed on the back burner due to supply chains shutting down and experiencing delays. The food industry has received a large load of the burden placed on supply chains, because as regions are placed in quarantine situations, their demand for food and other perishable products has greatly increased. Many are struggling to navigate through their supply chain with technology solutions to help keep the flow moving and thriving into the future, and as issues potentially come up.

RFID capabilities are able to assist in securing supply chain management. When it comes to meeting the demand, the goal is to maximize on the capacity. In practice, this means moving more products in a more efficient manner. Enabling accurate item tracking and tracing is wise when looking to secure reliability throughout the supply chain.

If delays in deliveries are to occur, it is typically caused by data that isn’t available in an up-to-date fashion. Such issues can be combatted by capturing reliable data at the source and storing it in a way that keeps it available when needed. When handling goods at various stages of the supply chain, much care must be taken in order to automate processes and decrease human error. Correct Picking and Packing is important, in order to battle error at an early stage. Automation can help ensure that.

Accurate inventory is the most important factor of an efficient supply chain. Without the reliable tools for collecting accurate data for each item that flows through the supply chain, errors will occur, which impacts stock balance negatively and causes problems further down the line. To secure the reliability of the inventory, a company needs the right device to be able to locate items, scan RFID tags or even barcodes, or take pictures for reporting. To meet the requirements of securing the best possible item capturing accuracy at different stages of the supply chain, Nordic ID developed the Android based, rugged handheld Nordic ID HH85. Nordic ID has developed item data capturing solutions for over 30 years, and their industry expertise helps customers globally to improve their stock takes. Nordic ID’s equipment is compliant with various temperature and humidity standards and is compatible with other systems to get the job done.

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