Enhance the Speed and Accuracy of your Warehouse Operations December 3th, 2020

Enhance the Speed and Accuracy of your Warehouse Operations

There are many expectations placed on today’s warehouses and distribution centers to meet the needs of customers, both directly and indirectly. Features such as speed and order accuracy mean the world for customers and such attributes can lead to faster delivery and greater transparency into the supply chain. With this in mind, retailers and manufacturers are pushing more and more to keep up with the modern ‘need it now’ culture, that customers have acquired.

Warehouse leaders have recognized that modernizing their operations is more than necessary to keep the workflow going. This is particularly true for small- and medium-sized warehouse operators who must support the same complex processes as larger operations but may not have the IT resources needed to find the most appropriate solutions necessary. In a time, like the current one, this world has been greatly impacted by the novel Coronavirus pandemic and many supply chains and distribution centers have found themselves shut down to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Whether that be to distance their employees working under the same roof, or that they couldn’t keep up with incoming orders, the warehousing industry definitely took a hit this year.

With the holiday season rounding the corner, peak seasonal rushes seem to be hitting harder this year. There is such a critical need to optimize the use of temporary and seasonal staff members. Keeping that in mind, there will always be a huge need for technology solutions to save the day and keep operations flowing. Zebra Technologies provides a line of essential rugged tablets, barcode scanners, receipt printers, vehicle-mounted computers, and wearable devices to help get the tasks completed and shipments received and sent off.

Synced up with an Android-based Operating System, Zebra’s range of devices come pre-loaded with Mobility DNA’s All-Touch Terminal Emulation, which converts your existing “green-screen” applications into Android touch screen experiences, so workers at all levels and learn them and adapt quickly. If you’re interested in learning more about Zebra’s Warehouse devices and solutions, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today!


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.