Enhance customer experience with mobile POS and line busting solution October 18th, 2018

Enhance customer experience with mobile POS and line busting solution
In today’s retail world, customers are more demanding than ever before, and it's unlikely they will be willing to wait more than a couple of minutes to checkout.

In the past, they may have been willing to wait longer. But with customer experience so key to creating positive shop vests and locking in loyalty, retailers need to move with the times and invest in new solutions to meet their customers’ expectations.

Honeywell understands this challenge and has developed a wide range of high-performance products to help retailers. These solutions that are helping many of the world’s leading retailers minimise shoppers’ checkout time, automate loyalty program enrolment and age verification, and unlock the full potential of omni-channel mobile marketing.

Enhancing customer experience

Many retailers will now notice that if a customer waiting in a checkout line and looking at their smartphone, they are probably checking if they can order the product from an online competitor instead of waiting in store.

So it’s crucial to have mobile point of sale and line busting solutions in place to ensure retailers leave customers with a positive impression.

Honeywell mobile computers and enterprise sleds are perfect for the sales floor. Users can look up detailed product information, locate inventory in other stores or distribution centres, finish customer orders and even add a Honeywell portable Bluetooth-enabled receipt printers to be ready for mobile POS and line busting.

Sleek, enterprise-grade hybrid devices, like the Honeywell Xenon 1902g-bf area-imager scanner, combine the aesthetics of a consumer device with the long life of a rugged mobile device. It incorporates the latest in battery-free technology, offering the freedom of Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology without the maintenance hassles or long recharge time associated with traditional batteries.

Like all other Xenon scanners, the 1902g-bf scanner delivers great barcode scanning performance – even on poor-quality or damaged barcodes. An integrated Bluetooth low-energy Class 2 radio gives users complete freedom of movement up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the base in a typical work environment.

By eliminating the trip-hazard of tethered cables, the Xenon 1902g-bf scanner can provide a safer and more productive environment. The scanner’s wireless technology completely eliminates the battery, replacing it with super-capacitors capable of achieving a full charge in less than two minutes via the USB port (under 30 seconds when using a powered USB port or external wall adapter) and typically providing at least 450 scans on UPC/EAN codes without recharging. 

This makes the Xenon 1902g-bf scanner ideal for applications around POS, workstations and counters – for example, as the secondary scanner to a bioptic (in-counter) scanner.


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