Eliminate the risk of error labelling in hospitals with a mobile printer December 5th, 2018

Eliminate the risk of error labelling in hospitals with a mobile printer

A common problem in hospitals is the manual labelling of the sampling tubes during the blood test and the re-labelling by laser printers in the laboratory. During this process, there is a high risk of error when it comes to labelling of the patient’s tube, which at the same time is rather time-inefficient for the nurses involved. 

What every hospital need is a wireless printer on battery that can be placed at the bedside of every patient. If all nurses are equipped with a wearable Wi-Fi PC with a prescription software allowing them to take samples, the labelling process of the tube can take place during the sampling, not after, eliminating the risk of errors. But that is not all. By using a mobile printer for the labelling of tubes while the sample is taken there is an enhanced security of the sample collected and increased traceability. At the same time, valuable time is saved and the nurses can move on to another patient, improving the overall efficiency. 

Another important feature that your mobile printer must have is onboard intelligence. Connect your input devices and customise the printer operation to suit your unique business requirements. Integrate your mobile printer with your hospital information systems and ensure positive identification and the efficient management of patient records, medication assets, and accounting.

Does this sound too good to be true? Not anymore!

SATO’s PW2NX series is one of the best solutions for the healthcare industry. The PW2NX series improves traceability, enhances security, saves time, and prevents errors. Both models are cost-effective solutions for quickly printing the information you require wherever and whenever you need it. This mobile printer is small in size and very easy to use by your employees. The series offers best in class print speeds and high-quality robust print. Don’t miss out and contact BlueStar today to learn more about this unique solution!


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