Do not lose sales – serve customers better October 18th, 2018

Do not lose sales – serve customers better
If customers are dissatisfied, these days they leave the store and look for their desired items at the competitor’s – and: Frustrated customers are unforgiving. When are customers dissatisfied? When their expectations are disappointed; when they cannot find the items on the shelf that they would like to buy; and when the items ordered are not supplied again.

For losing no sales and retaining satisfied customers, a real-time inventory overview is the solution. This can be done easily with the RFD2000 RFID sled and the Zebra Touch Computer TC 20, because this solution offers fully automatic inventory management and thus pushes sales enormously. With the compact and lightweight RFD2000 UHF RFID sled, retailers can add RFID tag reading, writing and localization functionality to their TC20 and thus simplify omni-channel transparency. The retailer gets an accurate inventory overview in real time, can check prices, pick goods, and find items. The solution makes it easy to locate items for customers within minutes; RFID tags are constantly captured, providing fast, easy and convenient inventory-taking – the comprehensive solution thus provides seamless flexibility for many in-store applications.

Accurate and fast capture of RFID or barcode tags

The RFD2000 sled has been designed specifically to meet the needs of store staff. The ergonomics and a compact design with low weight ensure comfortable handling. The modern look fits even into extremely design-conscious stores with direct customer contact. Zebra’s high-performance ASIC radio technology provides stable reception with high read rates. The RFD2000 sled can be easily attached to the TC20 whenever RFID functionality is needed. 

It is easy to create combined RFID tags that also comprise bar code data for more flexibility in inventory management. In order to automatically write the barcode into the tag, the barcode is scanned first, then the RFID tag. With the RFD2000 sled, the TC20 becomes a handheld reader with trigger that can capture bar codes or RFID tags and makes tasks with high scanning volume comfortable to handle.

Avoid counterfeiting and protect customer privacy

The RFID technology EPC Global Gen 2 v2 in the RFD2000 provides the cryptographic tag authentication needed to create copy-protected tags. In addition, tag data are hidden and can be tracked only when the RFD2000 reads the tag – this protects the customers’ privacy. With approvals for more than 80 countries, the RFD2000 sled is ideal for retail stores as well as for large international chains.

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