Digital marketing and loyalty apps grab a hold of new retail technology October 25th, 2019

Digital marketing and loyalty apps grab a hold of new retail technology

In convenience stores, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, jewellery stores, and boutiques counter space is limited. To complete the transaction, cashiers lean on their experience and decide to move the items to the scanner or grab the scanner and move it over the items. Simple, right? In theory, yes. However, making a scanner that can effectively handle both scenarios with the technology to read damaged barcodes, smartphones coupons, and Digimarc® decoding – all at high speed – is not a given.

Digital marketing implemented through social media is becoming a foundation within retail. Fast-food franchises and convenience store chains are moving to incorporate smartphone coupons into their promotions. Most retailers have deployed or plan to deploy loyalty apps.

Retail continues to move forward with digital watermark technology, due to the fact that consumers want faster retail checkout. Embedding data graphically within the packaging is a great way to have more information available for enterprise systems, and it makes it easier for cashiers to scan purchases. However, decoding an image is significantly more complex than scanning the lines of a barcode. Global CPG companies are adopting watermarks at the request of major grocers, so the time for watermarks is quickly approaching. It is imperative that all retailers get ready for the future.

Looking for scanners that are able to read coupons from cell phones?

Grab a hold of new retail technology with the new Magellan 1500i. This impressive device, by Datalogic, has a fantastic array of features packed into a compact form factor. It's small enough to fit into your hand and weighs almost nothing. Its innovative magnetic mounting keeps it in place when presenting items and releases it instantly for handheld use. Contact your BlueStar representative for more information.


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