Designing and printing two-sided ID cards made easy October 18th, 2018

Designing and printing two-sided ID cards made easy

Continuously changing work processes demand ever new and practical card solutions – currently there is an unstoppable need for applications with ID cards; the capacities e.g. for customer and member cards tend to hit their limits. Integration of the solutions into existing IT structures is likewise a growing challenge.

Companies all over the world improve their security, efficiency and compliance using the

BarTender® software solutions, by organising and automating the design and printing of labels, barcodes, RFID tags and plastic cards and more. They rely on BarTender to accelerate the flow of material in the supply chain, e.g. to deliver the right drugs to the right patient at the right time; or to inform conspicuously about the proper handling of dangerous substances in a chemical plant; or to inform parents that a candy comprises an ingredient to which their child is allergic; or to reduce shrinkage in retail. 

BarTender® software has built its reputation as a powerful engine for creating and automating labels and barcodes however, the software also offers advanced two-sided card design and printing tools, including magnetic stripe and smart card encoding. The software’s built-in design tools, including shapes, colors, gradients, graphics, print-time image capture, autocropping, stretch, fill, rotation and other features mean users can design and print great looking cards for virtually every need and purpose. Furthermore, working with BarTender, there is only one software interface to learn and understand for multiple functions.

BarTender is a highly sophisticated and powerful software, which can be easily integrated with your ERP, WMS, mainframe, and other systems.  Organisations and companies which require ID cards and are networked with multiple branch offices benefit from BarTender’s web-based solutions: Data can be collected remotely, stored centrally and printed locally or remotely. The software is currently the only advanced card printing solution that gives you all these features and benefits while also properly leveraging true Windows printer drivers and the Windows Print Manager. Meaning no programming required.


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