Coordinated Healthcare Starts with the Power of One October 2th, 2020

Coordinated Healthcare Starts with the Power of One

Before the COVID-19 Pandemic struck, healthcare staff were already some of the busiest individuals during their daily workflow. In order to grant their patients with the best quality of care, they need the best of the best when it comes to network connectivity and devices to get the job done. Each staff member needs to be within reach of each other, whether physically or through the use of communication devices. From patient transport to facilities maintenance, there needs to be a reliable route to communicate such needs.

There a several challenges that come into play when it comes to maintaining positive Healthcare communications. First and most commonly, it’s often difficult for clinicians to reach each other and acquiring an accurate response time, considering how time sensitive some patient stays can be. Another point to mention is that anything patient-oriented is very delicate when it comes to who has access to it, due to various protections and regulations. It’s found that non-encrypted and unsecured modes can put records at risk, so there needs to be some security upkeep in this situation.

Often times, there is fault in managing integration between the several other software applications being applied and utilised throughout shifts, and that can lead to confusion and clutter, while also interrupting workflows. Studies show that more than 64% of IT executives find that nurse to physician communications are a top area seeking improvement for all. But how can ensure prioritised patient care without frequently needing to switch out devices or running into delays, frustrated patients, and an equally stressed workforce?

That’s where Zebra comes into play with their Workforce Connect solution, providing hassle-free care for better communication and coordination from anywhere, at any time. By instilling seamless communication, improved collaboration, and even advanced location services, Healthcare Staff members are able to connect with teammates from essentially anywhere. All packed up in one comprehensive app, Workforce Connect possesses the ability to send secure texts and calls, access real-time updates and data, implement into previously used systems, and is navigational for any skill level.

To learn more about how Zebra’s collaborative solution can better assist hospital team members, be sure to contact your BlueStar Representative today!


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.