Connected solutions with scanners, printers, and wearable components October 18th, 2018

Connected solutions with scanners, printers, and wearable components
Businesses today face unrelenting pressures to reduce operating costs, better manage the workforce and deliver perfect customer service.

But did you know, for example, that 54% of the average distribution centre’s workforce is consumed in the picking workflow? This makes workflow performance gains in picking very valuable to warehouse managers.

To help achieve these improvements, Honeywell offers a number of solutions to boost accuracy and productivity.


Why have Honeywell solutions become so popular? The answer is simple: Vocollect solutions deliver quantifiable worker productivity and accuracy gains plus an elegant and flexible implementation approach to achieve improved business processes quickly.

From a business perspective, Honeywell solutions have become attractive because the investment typically has a payback in just 9 to 12 months. And mobile workers appreciate being equipped for success – a boost for worker retention. On average, Vocollect voice improves productivity 10% to 25%. It’s no wonder why its adoption continues to gain popularity throughout the distribution centre.

Beyond Vocollect voice, Honeywell offers handheld and wearable computers for order fulfilment workflows

For the packing process, pairing a fixed smart printer and media with a scanner loaded with MDI software provides a total solution. The smart printer can actually host the shipping/manifesting software thus eliminating the need for costly and space consuming monitors and keyboards.  

The printer drives the process and prints destination labels for the outbound packages. Paired with the scanner, the printer gives the packer the ability to scan items, follow the packing instructions, and print the label – and thus complete the pack operation and send the finished carton to shipping. 

You can also use the scanner to scan (or “image”) any paperwork and distribute it electronically. That’s faster and easier than using the typical flatbed scanners sometimes deployed at packing stations, taking up additional space.  

Honeywell printing and media capabilities also enable users to create a single combined packing list/destination label to apply to the outbound carton. This eliminates the need, cost and unproductive time of having to print paper packing lists and enclose them in self-adhering envelopes to the carton. 

To find out more about how your warehouse can benefit from a connected solution for order fulfilment and picking processes from Honeywell contact BlueStar today. 


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