Cashing in on the mobile barcode revolution November 9th, 2018

Cashing in on the mobile barcode revolution

Over seven and a half billion mobile phones are in service around the world. With more mobile subscriptions than people on the planet today, the mobile phone is the one device that virtually all your customers of all ages carry, all of the time. Your customers are always looking for new ways that this little device can make their lives easier. And one of the many technologies they are embracing is the mobile barcode.

A mobile barcode is an electronic barcode that can be stored on a mobile phone. Retailers of all sizes can use mobile barcodes to create innovative marketing programs that benefit customers and the business. Mobile barcodes can be used to create virtual loyalty cards, gift cards and coupons that shoppers can carry right in their mobile phones — no more plastic credit-card style cards and paper coupons to manage. And since today's shopper is already looking for ways to use their mobile phone to simplify their life, many will opt-in to marketing programs that allow you to send offers right to their mobile phones, establishing a powerful direct-to-customer channel for highly targeted promotional campaigns that are extraordinarily cost-effective with extraordinary redemption rates.

Enabling mobile barcodes

In order to launch successful mobile barcode marketing programs, you have to be able to read the barcodes that are displayed on the mobile phones of your customers. And with Zebra's imager family for retail you can. While traditional laser barcode scanners are designed to read barcodes on paper labels, Zebra’s family of 2D imagers allows you to successfully scan barcodes on paper labels as well as those displayed on the highly reflective surface of a mobile phone or computer screen. No matter what type of store you have — from the largest retailers to small boutique shops with space constrained cash wraps — or how many customers you serve a day, there is a scanner that will fit right in with your store environment and your budget. Contact BlueStar today to find which Zebra’s 2D imager best suits your needs.


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