Cashing in on the mobile barcode revolution October 18th, 2018

Cashing in on the mobile barcode revolution
There are over seven and a half billion mobile phones in service around the world, representing a massive opportunity for the mobile barcode market. In fact by 2021 75% of retailers say they will know when their customers are in store, and 79% expect to be able to personalise the store visit.

But retailers have work to do to catch up with their suppliers. At the moment many risk turning away customers who want to use mobile barcode vouchers they have received in FMCG marketing campaigns because they are incompatible with their POS. 

For retailers, of all sizes, in all sectors, there are many benefits to including mobile barcodes in the retail sales strategy. Firstly, they are very low cost initiatives when compared to traditional voucher, loyalty and gift card programmes. That’s because there is no need to print, mail or issue a physical plastic or paper-based card or coupon. And because everything is electronic, retailers can respond to slow trading conditions, seasonal changes and competitor promotions rapidly. And of course, the codes are a much greener alternative to paper and plastic schemes.

There are also huge advantages for sales from this new direct marketing channel. The biggest is that retailers can market direct to a customer’s mobile phone and as a result brand awareness and loyalty improves. What’s more redemption rates are proven to be ten times higher than traditional voucher schemes. That’s because customers love the convenience of mobile vouchers and value the brands that offer a quick and relevant voucher scheme. 

The technology to make it happen is easy to deploy with Zebra’s family of imaging scanners. They are designed differently to traditional barcode scanners and are capable of reading a barcode on a highly reflective surface such as a mobile screen as well as 2D paper images. 

The key features you can expect from Zebra’s superior scanning technology and reliability are:

  • high performance ‘scan and go’ simplicity on any barcode, even damaged and poorly printed barcodes, without aligning the barcode and scanner window.
  • ease of use straight out of the box with smart autohost detect cables
  • Zebra’s exclusive Scanto-Connect technology and a complimentary staging tool
  • the built-in durability to handle the bumps and spills associated with all day, every day use
  • remote management tools combined with industry leading all-inclusive affordable service plans to ensure maximum uptime and a very low total cost of ownership (TCO).

No matter what type of store you have, from the largest retailers to small boutique shops, or how many customers you serve a day, there is a scanner that will fit right in with your store environment and your budget. And when you choose Zebra Technologies, you get the peace of mind that comes with choosing an industry leader with vast experience supporting retailers of all sizes, all around the world. 


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.