Case study: How label printers made a difference for DRIM October 18th, 2018

Case study: How label printers made a difference for DRIM

In a retail situation where price changes occur every day, employees need to be able to print new labels quickly using effective mobile devices.

This scenario was a familiar one to DRIM, a family owned company from Catalonia, Spain, specialising in toys and childcare products.

DRIM wanted an efficient system to label its products and make price changes easier, especially for special offers or during the critical Christmas season. The company has a reputation for providing fun for children and adults, but it also wanted to create a great work environment for its employees.

The quality of BlueStar partner TSC’s Alpha-3R printer drew DRIM’s attention from the outset. Following a trail period, DRIM made the decision to go with the Alpha-3R for all its stores. The integration of the printers was seamless, taking only half an hour to train users.

Using the TSC printers, DRIM can identify each product including the store ID, the standard price and the product reference. With a total of 2,000 references, DRIM efficiently manages all its daily labelling activities, as well as specific promotions like Christmas holiday specials.

In the past, DRIM needed three or more days to change prices. With the Alpha-3R printer, staff can achieve the same work in a single morning. In addition, given the ease-of-use of the system, it can be carried out by one person.

Further benefits include:

  • Intuitive, professional printing solutions
  • Easy-to-use with a very compact size
  • Quality printing at a very attractive price
  • Greater productivity at the point of sale.

The Alpha-3R is a lightweight, convenient printer capable of working with any mobile printing application that requires fast, simple labels or receipts on demand. The Alpha-3R offers a vast memory and a high-speed processor for quick printing of up to 102 mm (4") per second with a resolution of 203 dpi.

The Alpha-3R is designed for hard work. Its case protects against the elements, and it has IP54 classification which means it is resistant to dust and water. Its moulded rubber coating can also withstand falls from as high as 1.5 meters and still keep on printing.

The printer uses USB, Bluetooth, wireless 802.11 b/g/n, or serial port options to connect to a laptop computer or even a smartphone to produce text that is clear and easy to read hour after hour.

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