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Capitalize on the Opportunity to Sell Retail Self-Service Kiosks September 2th, 2022

Capitalize on the Opportunity to Sell Retail Self-Service Kiosks
Demand is growing for these versatile solutions that enhance CX and operational efficiency.  

Self-service kiosks might go down in history as one of the unsung heroes that quietly changed the retail industry. Omnichannel customers demanded in-store technology to meet their need for speed, convenience, and social distancing during the pandemic. Additionally, many consumers prefer tapping on a touchscreen to talking to a sales associate and using a familiar interface to access information quickly. Retail self-service kiosks check all those boxes and more, explaining why the European market for these platforms is expected to grow at an 8.2% CAGR to reach USD 4.79 billion by 2027. 

Technology solutions providers (TSPs) can seize the momentum in the self-service kiosk market and help grocers, fashion boutiques, big-box chains, coffee shops, and other types of retailers deploy engaging retail experiences. There are various reasons why a merchant will want to bring a self-service kiosk into their store, and it’s up to you to narrow down the long list of options to the few that best fit the bill.  

Retail Self-Service Kiosk Use Cases  

As a TSP, the most crucial step you can take is to clearly establish how your client will use retail self-service kiosks to support22-Star-Retail-Q2C2-eBook_Mockup-(EN) customer journeys. Some will be interested in a kiosk where customers can place orders, reducing the time they spend standing in a queue and freeing them to shop the rest of the store while store staff processes their orders. Another popular use case is the click-and-collect kiosk that shoppers use to punch in their details or scan a QR code to get the products they ordered online for in-store pick-up.  

Kiosks make accessing baby and wedding registries simple, allowing customers to quickly search, print or send these lists to their smartphones. Self-service kiosks can also be set up to help shoppers check current pricing information instead of tracking down a store employee at a time when retailers are struggling to hire workers during a labor shortage.  

Checkout is another use case garnering big interest in kiosks that can be programmed to let shoppers pay for items without a store associate’s assistance. In fact, fewer associates can efficiently oversee several self-service kiosks at once and troubleshoot any problems that crop up. Keep in mind that as a TSP, you also have the opportunity to sell complementary technologies such as RFID scanners, cameras and scales to complete the kiosk self-checkout experience.  

The Key to Retail Self-Service Kiosk Implementation Success  

When designing a great retail self-service experience, you must strike the right balance between simplicity and sophistication.22-Datalogic-Retail-Q2C2-eBook_Mockup-(EN) Customers don’t want to be intimidated by a user interface that’s hard to figure out. Instead, they want a setup that’s as simple and intuitive as the smartphones they use in their everyday lives. A kiosk should also be equally easy for teens and their grandparents to use while still offering rich features that put shoppers in the driver’s seat.  

That ease of use extends to payments too. It’s important to build a retail self-service kiosk that accommodates all the ways customers want to pay, including the standard debit and credit card as well as QR codes, contactless tap-to-pay, gift cards, cash and other payment methods. Encourage your clients to add peripherals like printers so shoppers can quickly print out their proof of purchase if they’re not comfortable walking away with just a digital copy of a receipt.  

Retail self-service kiosks can play an integral role in elevating the customer experience and improving retail operations. TSPs who dig deeper into this growing market have the chance to build their business while supporting retailers’ modernization journey. 




22-Star-Retail-Q2C2-eBook_Mockup-(EN) 22-Datalogic-Retail-Q2C2-eBook_Mockup-(EN)