Can the visual warehouse and iPicking change logistics? October 18th, 2018

Can the visual warehouse and iPicking change logistics?
If your partners have been wondering how they can harness the power of the IoT in their own business, the Visual Warehouse could be the solution they have been waiting for.

In fact, you may have heard of SATO’s Visual Warehouse - a virtual warehouse director that fully streamlines storage, picking and route navigation for enhanced logistics.

But have you heard of the accompanying voice recognition system iPicking?

Combined, Visual Warehouse and iPicking utilises an algorithm that has been designed to guide picking personnel on the shortest possible route, with audio and visual instructions.

That makes the solution the ideal choice for streamlining tasks and making sure staff are working efficiently without any time wasted searching for inventory or trying to find the quickest route to selected items.

Visual Warehouse and iPicking combines the virtual and the physical to empower employees and enhance operational efficiency.

So what other benefits are there in addition to the increase in productivity through picking path optimisation? Well, businesses that embrace the Visual Warehouse can streamline storage thanks to high-precision indoor location technology, enable ‘hand-free’ navigation and, crucially, reduce picking time on average by 48% (from 4:05 to 2:07).

By managing storage data of products accurately in real-time, Visual Warehouse helps to operate a Free Location System to store items in random locations whilst still improving storage efficiency.

By directing users to the right items using the shortest available route using an algorithm, workers spend significantly less time looking for goods. What’s more, the movements of people and goods are more visible to managers who can track picking tasks and analyse logistics data for the entire warehouse to improve operations.

The solution utilises three technological elements: Real-time location system, 3D mapping software with shortest route algorithm and Auto-ID solutions/smart devices.

Virtual 3D map data and simulated route data is collated, processed and communicated to users in real time via smart devices. The Visual Warehouse identifies and presents the shortest route possible to users and eliminates lost-time searching. Voice recognition technology then provides a ‘hands-free’, ‘eyes-free’ and ‘process-free’ voice-guided picking system, which bolsters productivity and operational accuracy.

BlueStar partner SATO will be showcasing Visual Warehouse, and accompanying voice recognition system iPicking, next March at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover, Germany. For more information, visit


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