Can Point of Sale (POS) solution keep up with customers’ expectations? October 18th, 2018

Can Point of Sale (POS) solution keep up with customers’ expectations?

In the past, a customer may have been willing to wait five minutes at checkout. Today, he or she is likely to tolerate less than two minutes. As a result, the speed and accuracy of retail scanning are critically important to the customer experience.

All retail managers will likely have seen customers waiting in a queue to checkout, busy on their smartphone to see if they can order the product from an online competitor.

But there is new technology available that can turn this crucial issue into a positive and ensure that customers experience a positive impression of the checkout process.

Honeywell has a range of mobile computers and other devices that are perfect for the sales floor: Look up detailed product information. Locate inventory in other stores or distribution centres. Finish customer orders. Add a portable Bluetooth-enabled receipt printers and your customers are ready for mobile POS and line busting.

Handheld and hands-free scanners

The perfect productivity partners for today's growing trend of tablet-based mPOS systems or traditional POS terminals. Quickly scan any barcode, including from a customer's smart device screen. Honeywell’s powerful area-imaging 2D scanners feature a wide depth of field for fast, easy and comfortable scanning.


Instantly verify a customer's age or populate loyalty program forms or credit applications. Honeywell software significantly reduces your transaction time by automatically parsing barcode data found on a driver's licence and other ID cards. No more asking customers to complete forms by hand.

Mobile thermal printers and media supplies

Be ready to print purchase receipts when and where your customers are ready to buy. Our Bluetooth-enabled mobile receipt printers are durable, comfortable to wear on the belt, and print fast.

Enterprise sleds

Transform your Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad mini into an enterprise-ready device complete with built-in scanner and credit card reader. As with Honeywell mobile computers, you'll be able scan barcodes, process transactions and access essential information throughout the store.

Pocket scanners

Our ergonomically designed wireless pocket scanners are a perfect complement to point-of-sale tablets and ad-hoc mobile check out.

Honeywell understand the challenges your customers are facing when it comes to dealing with POS. Take the Orbit 7190g scanner for example, which continues the proven, superior 1D laser scanning performance of Orbit series scanners.

The Orbit 7190g adds an area imager for seamless scanning of digital 1D, 2D and PDF codes in a single, convenient device. The scanner also features a unique dual-modes design that is optimised for both the cashier and the customer – enabling seamless product barcode scanning and scanning of digital codes off customer smartphones.

 Click here to find out more about the Orbit 7190g and how to ensure POS systems can stay ahead of demand.


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