Brick & mortar – but no walls! May 24th, 2019

Brick & mortar – but no walls!

Create an ideal retail experience by breaking down barriersFrom the moment your customers’ customers interact with their marketing campaigns, throughout their store, until the point-of-sale, and product pickup or delivery, they need to provide an unforgettable experience. How? By employing the right IoT tools and data insights to adapt to their constant changing needs. The main reasons for losing customers from a physical store are inventory stock-outs, limited store associates’ knowledge, and lack of customer preference and purchase awareness. In order to tackle these problems, your customers will need to revamp their store! Shoppers need more personalized touchpoints in the stores they visit. Using IoT and mobile tools your customers can create contextualised experiences and understand their own customers better, while at the same time boost their efficiency behind the scenes. 

Below you can see how these tools can improve your customers’ in-store environment.  

Mobile asset management 

Optimise device utilisation, including repair and replacement by using a cloud-based platform. 

Inventory visibility with barcode scanning 

Adapt to changing demands on the spot, streamline stock counting and other key tasks seamlessly.   

Profitable reverse logistics 

With Artificial Intelligence your customers will be able to quickly connect returns with their best available opportunities for revenue. 

In-store communications 

Allow your customers’ whole team to serve their clients better with a peer-to-peer platform. 

Consumer engagement with mobile point-of-sale 

Minimise check-out time and automate loyalty programs in order to keep customers engaged and satisfied until the very last touchpoint in the store. 

Inventory visibility with RFID 

With RFID devices your customers can minimise out-of-stocks and streamline cycle counts. 

Voice-directed fulfilment 

New technologies, such as voice direction, can accelerate replenishment and click-and-collect order picking, satisfying that way more shoppers while elevating efficiency. 

Find the most powerful possibilities for your stores 

With Honeywell’s Connected In-Store Retail you can collaborate within a store and across the whole enterprise, bringing together associates, shoppers, assets, and merchandise with a complete solution that is adaptable to evolving needs. Click here to read more about it, or contact BlueStar Europe to get a retail solution! 


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.