Barcode Scanning in the Modern Warehouse: Long Range Scanning October 18th, 2018

Barcode Scanning in the Modern Warehouse: Long Range Scanning

Space is a major issue for modern warehouses. Order patterns, volumes and speed of delivery have all gone through rapid changes in the last five years and older warehouses may struggle to keep up unless they utilise every inch of available space as efficiently as possible. 

Consider the average warehouse height for example as there has been a steady increase in the height and volume of warehouses and distribution centres over in recent years. The average height used to be around 24 to 28ft. The average height now ranges from 32 to 40ft, representing a rise of around 40-60% in ceiling heights. In fact, Amazon’s newest warehouse in the UK, located in Tilbury near London, will be 70ft high and built over four floors.

Seeking to increase the pallet positions in their warehouses, occupiers are implementing taller and increasingly narrower aisle storage systems.  All of this has an impact on warehouse workers and their ability to easily and quickly navigate around, across and up the warehouse.

Your customers have employees that scan thousands of barcodes every day to ensure order accuracy and on-time delivery. Their productivity depends on the quality of the scanner put in their hands and its ability to scan barcoded items easily, quickly and accurately.

The good news is that scanners with extended range capabilities are available that can scan barcodes in hard-to-reach and high locations, making it easy to scan multiple barcodes in succession whilst reducing walk and dwell times.

Zebra’s 3600 ultra-rugged series helps to achieve these goals by offering a new class of handheld scanner built to deliver the unstoppable performance warehouse staff need in one of the most demanding business environments.

Take the practically indestructible 1D/2D DS3608-ER corded and DS3678-ER cordless scanners from the 3600 series for example.

These scanners have been designed to capture any standard or extra-wide 1D or 2D barcode over an impressive range – from 3 inches to 70ft. This is 35% farther and 60% closer than competitive models, these scanners provide the ultimate in versatility.

Workers can capture large picklist barcodes and small barcodes at near contact as easily as barcodes on pallets and location codes on the top of warehouse racks – all with the same scanner. Truly unstoppable performance helps businesses drive throughput, accuracy and customer service to a new level.

These scanners are ideal for warehouses and ports, and many locations where workers need to capture small to very wide barcodes on items at close range as well as items on upper warehouse shelves or even stacked containers in a rail yard or port.

The 3600 series has the highest drop specification for any rugged scanner, is dustproof and waterproof (IP65 and IP67) and is built to withstand extreme heat, cold and humidity.

You can also be assured that these devices are built to last so your customers will feel confident they can rely on them for years to come.

If you’d like to find out more about the Zebra 3600 series, please click here.


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