Avoiding an identity crisis October 18th, 2018

Avoiding an identity crisis
A common requirement in most healthcare facilities is the ability to secure access to stores and supplies.

After all, healthcare fraud is a significant problem and one that potentially involves a large cost. 

To address this issue, many healthcare providers have turned to ID Badge printing – the process of producing printed badges on-site that confirm a user’s identity and association to an organisation. This is often matched with another form of picture ID to allow access to secure locations.

However, these unique identifiers are only useful when the person checking ID cards has the right tools and the training to use them. Otherwise it can become difficult to validate that the card has not been forged or stolen, and that the person possessing it is actually who they claim to be.

Both the ID badge and photo identification could be susceptible to counterfeiting, still leaving healthcare organisations unprotected from the significant costs attributed to fraud they were hoping to deter.


HID Global is addressing the need for more cost-effective, yet highly secure, personalised visual security elements with the introduction of vanGO, a new portfolio of One-2-One visual security features that provide a level of ID personalisation that is not possible with conventional holograms and at a cost of ownership that is significantly lower than laser engraving. 

The vanGO solution enables users to, on the spot, create cards that are highly counterfeit resistant and personalised to reflect the individual identity of the cardholder. Further benefits include:

  • Custom holograms that reflect unique security needs
  • Highly durable film for 3x more durability for photo ID badges and smart cards
  • Detailed One-2-One personalised images that cannot be easily counterfeited
  • Intuitive design for ease of use and long-term reliability.

With new technology that enables users to write and physically embed a cardholder’s facial image on the card, vanGO makes it very easy for users to visually identify and authenticate the cardholder’s identity without electronic readers or access to databases. 

The One-2-One relationship between the card and the cardholder created by vanGO is nearly impossible to counterfeit. In fact, vanGO utilises many of the same cutting-edge technologies found in HID Global’s LaserCard Optical Security Media (OSM), for which there is no known instance of compromise. HID Global uses an optical laser writer and unique materials to create images with up to 10,000 DPI on the vanGO media, a metallic patch that is hot-stamped onto an ID card.

Available from BlueStar, vanGO is an ideal solution for the healthcare market because it enables creation of tamper-resistant security that can be instantly personalised, issued quickly, and still allow for easy visual authentication by inspectors. In addition, the lower cost of vanGO, compared to traditional laser engraving and OSM alternatives, will make it possible for more widespread use throughout these organisations, even at a time when budgets are tight.


Samantha is BlueStar's Digital Media Specialist, and the primary contributing writer for VartechNation. Previously, she has worked as a Public Relations Associate and a Social Media Manager.